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Lap Dance That went To Far...

Good Morning,

I just registered for the aids walk on October 21st and got
some of my friends and my girlfriend involved, and I encourage
others to support this incredible cause at  www.aidswalk.net

Now ... I have a problem. My girlfriend took me to the
strip club and got me a lap dance for my birthday.  The girl
was very hot and she gave me a really good lap dance. But
during the lap dance, my hands were on her butt and I felt
something wet for a second. So, I moved my hand and wiped
whatever was on my finger on my jeans and then the dance
finished a couple minutes later.

She talked to me really dirty and told me how big I was(...ya
know) and I got really excited when I was straighting myself
out, I flashed her for a few seconds, (she laughingly says put
that thing away haha).  

I don't know if I touched my penis while putting it back in.
Also when I sat down with my girlfriend again, I rubbed my
eye (...now I'm going nooooo the mucous membrane!!!)

I have a sore throat after 10 days. My girlfriend and I have
an anniversary  tomorrow and I really want to enjoy it.

Am I at risk?
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No, you are not at risk from what you did.  
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Hey Peekawho,

Thanks for the quick response.  Why am I not at risk?  I read read and read, and I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  So, I have so much information in my head... it all runs together/
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no matter how attractive you think you are, the stripper wasnt wet as in honry, it was probably just sweat or spilled drink you felt
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Thanks for the joke... It probably was sweat... but I did get 3 dances from her...she was grinding pretty fast back and forth...I felt like I was in a film or something...and she said wow... i actually enjoyed that... But I just want to be able to enjoy my gf's and I anniversary to go wonderfully.
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Here's how you get HIV.

Unprotected anal intercourse with an HIV + person.  Unprotected vaginal intercourse with an HIV + person.  Sharing needles used previously by an HIV + person.  Receiving a blood transfusion from an HIV + person.  Infants may contract HIV during childbirth to an HIV + mother.

That's IT.  Nowhere in your scenario did I see any of the above events, so ergo you did not contract HIV from what you described.

No ifs, ands, or buts.  That's how you get HIV.  If you have OCD, that explains a lot.  
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so even if that was vaginal fluid... that got on my finger ... still no risk? I get stuck on that contact with vaginal secretions part of it. My girlfriend gave me a hand job at her house when we left b/c I really needed to release the tension... if thesecretion was on my penis from my finger...? this is the last question .. I promise...


I HATE this OCD!
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I wish I had a girl like yours [:D]

Anyways, your risk was "zero".
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Read back over the ways in which you get HIV.  

Did you see anything in that list about fingers, hand jobs, or secretions?  If not, then no, you didn't have a risk.

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