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Las Vegas Possible Exposure With Sex Worker

24 days ago I took a work trip to Las Vegas, got really drunk my last night after a presentation and I met a woman. She came back to my room and after talking, she told me she was a sex worker, it freaked me out because I thought I was going to get arrested and it was obviously illegal. I remember standing in the corner of the room and I believe I gave her whatever money I had and asked her to leave. The next morning, I checked myself, the bed, trash baskets, bathroom etc. and I didn’t see any signs of anything actually happening, but the experience really freaked me out. I’ve since started therapy and I’ve quit drinking completely.

4 days after the incident flew to Europe (from nyc) to go to a wedding, but I couldn’t enjoy it because I was trying to remember what happened. I barely slept and I developed sore neck and shoulder. As soon as I got back, 14 days after the incident, I went and got a full physical along with a STD panel test, the HIV portion was a 4th Gen wRfx. Everything came back negative a few days later. But I’ve since developed a sore throat (off and on), sore neck / back and a runny nose. I’ve had some trouble sleeping and I just feel off. I plan on getting another test done next week at 30 days after the incident.

Does anyone know what my chances are for testing positive? Should I be super worried? Not knowing what happened and potentially hurting someone else is driving me nuts. I’m trying to stop researching, but there seems to be so much conflicting information.

Thank you.

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Hopefully she is a Vegas trick roller, and if so wouldn't have any interest in sex. Unfortunately you were drinking so won't know, but TR drug you (can't remember for sure but believe contact lens solution in your drink makes you drowsy) steal then leave.
You can take a duo after 4 more days so try to relax by focusing on her being a TR.
There is no useful diagnostic info on Google, otherwise there would be no need for a test so stop Googling cold turkey and stop examining your body cold turkey if you want to take the first step to relaxation.
I know that quitting googling and body examination is not instinctive so might not feel right when you are anxious, but there is nothing that Google will do except make you more anxious the more you search because you will not find any useful info.
Thank you for your POV - do you think the negative test after 14 days is meaningless? Is it common to have false negatives with the 4th Duo year?
Duo is conclusive after 4 weeks so you are right, 14 days proves nothing. Try to relax for 4 more days because the odds are very high that a prowling Vegas trick roller spied you in your drinking state.
Ok - well the only upside is that I tested negative for other STI’s. Going to be a rough couple days. I thought the 14 day negative was a good sign, guess not. Thanks
If this was a theft forum, I wouldn't be able to think of anything truthful to say that made me think she wasn't a TR, so I wouldn't even worry while waiting to test. The last thing a TR wants is sex - she wants to get out of there as fast as possible, so just slips something in your drink to make it easier.
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So, after reading some of the forum, Dr, Handsfield mentions that a 4th Gen duo test is about 80-90% accurate after 14 days, is there any updated information about this? Another doctor, mentioned that after two weeks the duo is 50+% accusatory. I plan on getting tested again this thursday, 32 days after the possible contact. Just wondering.
Statistics are useful for large numbers of people doing repetitive activities, but you need the conclusive answer for your health. Besides a TR won't have sex, so I would google that to relax.
Hi, I really appreciate you responding and I’m totally not trying to be a jerk. I am asking about the efficacy of the test, not whether I was trick rolled or not. I have very real symptoms which may or may not be caused by anxiety. I don’t remember taking any drinks from anyone and I’m just trying to understand what I should or should not be worried about. Thanks
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