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Late Seroconversion?!?!

I had unprotected sex with a female (im male) twice over a year ago.  I didnt know her and later found out that she is very permiscuos and a drug user.  Also i am uncercumsized, so my risk seems high.  I have had every symptom since then.  I took two Home access tests, one at 4 months and one at 5 months, both negative.  I also had to  test when I got life insurance which was at 7 months and it came back non-reactive.  I know what all of you are going to say, that I am conclusively negative- but believe me when i say this, my nodes are swollen even more now than they were before.  Along the edge of my peck and I can feel them in my groin.  My tounge looks like something out of Aliens because it has bumps in the back and is extremly white.  My tonsills are always swollen and I have had extreme floaters in my eyes now for over 4 months.  My feet have dry, flaky spots on them in a few spots as well.  
Nothing else causes this many symptoms.  Yes, I had anxiety for a long time, but my nodes are still swollen! and this all started after this girl.  Is there any chance that the 3 ELISA tests were not conclusive? From what I read it just seams that there is a chance.  My whole life Ive gotten feaver blisters and I read that is a sign of immunodeficiency.  Im ultra terrified that I just hadnt converted yet.  Please comment and or give me good places to read conclusive results.  Thank you very much!    
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You should look at the archives from Dr. HHH's responses as well as the Archives on thebody.com in Dr. Bob Frascino's (sp?) Safe Sex and HIV Prevention Forum, although if you are anything like me you have been googling everything and found these resources already.  Unprotected insertive vaginal sex does carry a risk for HIV infection but your negative tests out to 7 months prove that you were not infected.  Symptoms NEVER are a reliable indicator of HIV infection.  You can continue testing all you want, but as long as this one instance of unprotected vaginal sex is your only exposure those results will continue to be negative.  
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There have been instances of people not testing positive until after the 6 month mark, but these instances were reported in older times (when HIV tests were not as reliable) or in severely immunocompromised individuals (such as those undergoing chemotherapy treatment or those having a recent organ transplant).  
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Contrary to what you believe, your risk was very low and it is not surprising at all that your tests are negative.  You clearly don't have HIV.  "Nothing else causes this many symptoms?"  Please.
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Do you want us to tell you that you are right?! If we do so, then we would avoid telling you what we know about HIV. A single test anytime after 3 months is conlusive. You don't need more tests.

Always remember that HIV isn't an easy virus to transmit.
Insertive vaginal sex is a good example of how HIV isn't an easy virus to transmit.

Good luck.

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I really appriciate your quick responses.  If i could just stick it in my head that ALL of the test were conclusive then I would but these dang glands that are seriously HARD to the touch freak the **** out of me.  I know I sound absolutely rediculous.  I have read more information than I ever care to even mention and overall conclusion, 3 months is conclusive no matter what.  I just hate the fact that these tests are looking for something that your body eventually produces because its infected, not the actuall virus.  I hear everything you guys are saying, but this doesnt change the symptoms I mentioned I have, I still have them...  Floaters in the eyes are horrible and my feat and tounge I kid you not, are nasty and Ive been taking good care of myself.  

Thanks again to everyone.  I havent felt this panic for awhile and all your comments were pretty much what I knew I would here, I just had to hear it again.
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Also I have not been tested for anything else.  Nothing is dripping but if I did get something maybe it is Hepitis or Syphilus??? I know you guys cant diagnose but does anyone know anything about these STD's?
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All you need to do now is to ratchet down your anxiety levels and the "what ifs".! HIV is not your problem. Get your symptoms diagonsed by a good docor. That's only when you will be 100% sure that they have nothing to do with HIV. NO WAY.

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I don't understand how you could go this long with all these symptoms without seeing a doctor.
You may be infected with something but it sure isn't HIV.
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dude have you tested for other std's aside's from HIV
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No, not a case of late seroconversion.Practically, no other condition apart from being in the last stage of cancer can cause delayed seroconversion

You're conclusively HIV negative
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