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Likely to have HIV? Questions about Molluscum and relevance.

I'm 18 and a college student and have been sexually active over the past few months. I first had a case of genital Molluscum about 2 months ago a day or two after sexual intercourse with a girl of unknown status. I heard that the incubation period is 2-8 weeks but I know for a fact that it started getting noticeable just days after, with no previous sexually contact. It took me about 2-3 weeks to get them cleared up through ACV and have had no further outbreaks. I have since been doing research about it and found that if I got this I'm likely to have gotten something else, but I have shown no symptoms other than a cold. Now that's where HIV comes in. I was reading that people with HIV have Molluscum so that got me worried about if I could possibly have HIV. I have no early symptoms of ARS or early HIV symptoms other than a cold in which isn't bad at all and have dealt with worse colds before. I did an OraQuick test about 3-4 weeks after I noticed the Molluscum and tested negative. I should also mention I am an athlete and do drink frequently on the weekends. Should I take another OraQuick test soon? What's the chances of it being positive? I see the girl I had sex with often and she does not show symptoms of either Molluscum or HIV, she is also on birth control so it was unprotected. Could I have gotten Molluscum from something else? I promise that I first noticed it exactly 2 days after the encounter with her. Did I already have it and only came up because I've been eating poorly or drinking too much? My family also has a history of weakened immune systems. The fact that the cold is going away after 2-3 days and that I've been molluscum free for a month now makes me feel I don't have HIV but I'm not expert. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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Unprotected penetration poses a risk of HIV transmission. An HIV test will inform you about your status.
A 4th generation HIV test is accurate 28days post exposure (and after 28 days) and a simple HIV test is accurate at 3 months post exposure.
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