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Little bit worried

I was wondering if I'm having ARS right now or not, I'm a male who had unprotected vaginal sex with F at 15/5/2022, from knowing little about her, she might do that casually each day with different guys -and even she might get paid for it-, so she is of unknown status or probably positive, anyways after that i started taking truvada the next day right away but for silly reason i took only 25 pills of truvada -didn't finish the 28 course:/ -. Now at 20/06/2022 i had noticed swollen lymph node at my armpits with bad sore throat (mainly dysphagia, my throat doesn't hurt when i speak or something and its not sore, but i find it painful to swallow anything even my own saliva), i checked my temperature its normal 37.1C, had little GIT upset (like dyspepsia, diarrhea only for one night). i didn't get any night sweats except yesterday, but maybe because of the weather -its pretty hot here-. Bear in mind i haven't been sleeping good in the last week due to working two shifts and only be able to sleep for 5 hours during the day.
So i was wondering:
1/can ARS come after the 4 week period?
2/are my symptoms related to ARS by any means? Like is that considered sore throat or tonsillitis?
3/did truvada didnt work because i took it only for 25 days?
4/ or the reason behind my delayed symptoms is using truvada for 25 days only? Like did truvada delay my ARS??
Thanks for listening and your concerns.
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Oh geez. A whole lotta wrong in this thread. First. Who in their right mind would prescribe Truveda for you? That's Prep . . . not PEP. You need to be confirmed hiv negative to take it and it prevents it going forward. It's NOT what you take if you feel you had an exposure. So, that makes zero sense. If you are self treating, that also is a very VERY bad practice. Truveda was worthless and without the proper testing beforehand, prescribed or used irresponsibly.

Second. A one time vaginal sex carries with it a LESS than 1 percent risk if the person is hiv +. Let that sink in. How low the odds actually are. And if she is HIV negative? ZERO risk. So we are talking about such a low risk with such a big reaction.

It is unlikely that truveda will interfere with your testing. Get a 4th generation test now. It will likely be negative.
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Thank youu, I'm busy with work (wbout truvada i think it was used before as monotherapy as PEP then the WHO said we need to use another drug, in my coutnry there is only truvada, so i went with what i have)
Another question please, can the symptoms come after five weeks? I read the timeline for ARS is in between 2-4 weeks, and some other sites said 2-6 weeks.
So if you could help me with that till i get tested, it would be great.
And thankyouuu again
It was used incorrectly and would not work to prevent HIV after the fact. Test. That's the appropriate way to know if you got HIV but the risk is less than one percent. You are making a mountain over a mole hill. I a fairly certain you will be negative. But test and find out.

Symptoms mean NOTHING when it comes to evaluating HIV.
You don't have any medical training so likely don't know what your lymph is supposed to feel like so shouldn't be poking it trying to perform a diagnosis - which btw hiv doctors can't do from symptoms. Just test as advised at 4 weeks after you stopped taking the pills instead of trying to do calculations that an hiv doc can't do.
I'm a pharmacist bro :'D
hiv docs can't diagnose from symptoms so no one here pays attention to them and it is a waste of your time to try. Self diagnosis  is purposeless when you can test.
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You can test with a duo around July 7 so I now see why you have not tested yet. While waiting try to think only that if she is negative then you will be zero risk. Googling symptoms will just make you more anxious because they can't prove anything so I would just focus on the thoughts that if she is negative you're safe.
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