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Living in constant fear, any help appreciated.

Let me start by saying I have diagnosed OCD and general anxiety disorder. So this doesnt make it any easier to A, take my question seriously, or B, cope with whats happening.

23 day ago I had unprotected sex from a broken condom. I was the insertive partner in a gay relationship. I dont know when it broke but after the sex was over is when I realized. I had been dating this person for just over 2 weeks. I freaked out after it happened and we were both tested a few days later with a p24 blood test, 2-3 weeks after we became monogamous.

Yesterday, I began developing a horrible headache that went away but then turned into a horrible scratchy throat and a head cold with an overall general ill feeling.

Does this sound like ARS? My concern is that my partner, though he tested negative after 2-3 weeks with me, I dont know what he did in the 2.5 months prior and perhaps his test was too soon to positive. I never get sick and this is the perfect time window for ARS symptoms. Any thought would be appreciated. Thanks.
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dear frnd...dont wry...its nt hiv what causing it...its ur anexity....when ur partner is negative its impossible for u to get hiv....so live life...n dont wry abt it....n p24 test after 3 weeks is a strong indication tht u dont have anything....so jst relaaax
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Thank  you!!! but even after 2 and a half weeks is it  conclusive?
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its more than conclusive...its been years that any1 have seen 8 weeks negative turn posetive...with the new hiv test the accuracy have increased from the last genrations...so dont worry frnd...nxt time play protected
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thanks for the reassurance. Its been 3 weeks since the exposure, and I had a headache followed by a really dry scratchy throat with yellow flem and a bit of a runny nose. Then developed muscle aches and fatigue. Could it be related? My fear is that, I dont know his history before me, but we had been dating 3 weeks before getting tested, so that would be conclusive for him as well?  
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