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Living with HIV

I'm looking at this documentary and its even harder to live with it then I thought. All of those side effects of the medicine, then the expenses. I wouldn't stand a chance living with this. I was beginning to think if U have it U just take some medicine, but thats even a difficult process it appears. Especially if you are resistant to some of the medication.

Does anyone knows what causes HIV lesions, and what part of the body do they commonly occur?
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That's what most of the people that come here think and that is what some of the younger generation thinks. "You take some pills and that's it." That's as far from the truth as it can get. That's not even close.
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Now there is a documentary on called "The Origins of Aids." They are basically saying that the doctors who came up with the polio vaccine created unknowingly created HIV by using contaminated chimp tissue. This stuff is on another level. I haven't been able to leave my seat watching this. It would have to be a difficult thing to live with knowing you might have created something that kills millions of people. I have never heard of any of this stuff before.
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The polio vaccine theory has been around for years. I do wonder how accurate that might be. I find it a bit hard to believe, myself, but that is just me. I do find it much more likely that HIV made the jump from simian host to human host as a result of natural interactivity, proximal or otherwise, much like avian or swine flu.

An interesting parallel story is the history of virulent viral outbreaks in Africa. For instance, Ebola, which first emerged into public consciousness in the late seventies. Deal was, an isolated outbreak was occurring in, I think, the Belgian Congo.  Medical care being limited in such areas, the Catholic Church took up some of the slack by offering basic medical care (nuns were the primary caregivers, often with rudimentary knowledge of health care).

Ebola initially manifests with flu like symptoms. As such, early sufferers made a trek to a local nunnery, where the nuns/caregivers would give them injections of antibiotics or vitamins. Those seeking such services would often have to stand in lines comprised of hundreds. Problem was, there were only a limited number of hypodermics to go around, and the nuns would simply drop a used hypodermic in a bowl of soapy water in an attempt at sterilization, where, every third or fourth person, it would be picked up and used again.

So, Ebola sufferer would get an injection, then, every fourth person in line would get a similar injection, only, this time, they would be getting a healthy dose of Ebola virus in addition to their antibiotic or vitamins.

Needless to say, the virus amplified in the local population to the point that whole villages were quickly wiped out, resulting in horrific deaths.

Good intentions and all that.
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I find the polio vaccine scenario hard to believe as well, becuz I think more people would have been documented with an unknown illness, especially back then. I think one way the virus jumped from monkey to human was through hunting. Someone probably cut themselves when they were cutting the monkey to consume and unknowingly infected themselves and spreaded the disease through more common methods like unprotected sex.

That documentary did raise some good points.

Now back to my worries, I still have a cough. Does anyone know of HIV causing a cough that lasts more than 3 months. I feel it more in my throat and not my chest. WOuld Oral Thrush cause a cough?

I really don't wont to start another thread so maybe Teak or one of the guys that know about this can answer. Pretty Please.
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No, HIV does not cause a cough. Colds and respiratory illnesses cause coughs.
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One last question. I read a question where someone asked about bumps in his mouth. Does HIV cause the occurance of bumps in one's mouth?
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