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Losing sleep over this! Please help!!

So here's the situation...
Had a one night stand Saturday night - I'm a 24 female who had protected vaginal sex with a male, then I gave him oral sex unprotected and also did anal sex unprotected (first time) which was the stupidest mistake of my life. I have only had 4 partners and prior to this guy I hadn't had sex in over 9 months.

On Monday around noon, I got a horrible fever and went to urgent care where they did a rapid strep test and mono test - both came out negative and they gave me a prescription for Amoxicillin. Monday night I had a sore throat and 2 white dots on my tonsils. My fever stayed around 100-102 for 24 hours straight and my tonsils became completely white and covered in pus. Tuesday I went back to urgent care, she told me I had "Peritonsillar Abscess" and got a throat culture done and 2 shots (1 antibiotic and 1 steroid) and my fever went down within a few hours - the throat hasn't gotten worse thank god and its a bit easier to swallow now. The doctor feels pretty confident that this is bacterial tonsillitis and will go away within a week but it's such a coincidence that all this happened after I had sex with this guy 2 days before. I have never had tonsillitis before and everything online says that this is the beginning stages of acute HIV infection. I'm completely freaking out about all of this and I can't wait 3 months to get an answer so my question to you guys is:

1. Do these symptoms generally start so quickly after exposure or does it usually take 2-4 weeks to have the symptoms for possible HIV infection?
2. What can I do between now and 3 months to ease my mind about this? Are there other possible blood tests I can request before the 3 month mark?
3. Within the next week or two, what should I be looking out for as far as warning signs go? If it's in fact HIV will it get worse or will it go away just like Tonsillitis only to come back worse in a few months?

I honestly feel like I have no one to talk to so please any advice or guidance is much appreciated!
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this happens.. don't worry everything will be fine.. the body mimics many symptoms and we often mistake it with ARS.. same happened to me.. but it will be ok. you will come out negative..
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1. Way too soon. 10 day minimum
2. Yes, ask for a 4th Generation/DUO test. It's conclusive at 4 weeks/28 days.
3. Don't lookf or anything. Find something else to occupy timr until the 4th week mark, then test. Many people have no symptoms but still seroconvert. Symptoms are extremely unspecified as well. HIV mimics the symptoms of hundred of other illnesses since the symtoms of HIV are due to your body's response to a virus and your immune system producing antibodies to combat the foreign invader.
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