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Lump in the neck after unprotected oral sex (insertive)


Some weeks ago I received unprotected oral sex for about 2 minutes from a girl I've just meet. After that I put a condom on and we had sex. Comdon didn't fail.

Exactly two weeks after this, I experienced pain in the left side of the back of my neck followed by a lump (a swollen gland) of the size of a marble. This lump (confirmed by my doctor) was located in the left side of my neck and went away within a few days.

My questions

1) Should I have washed my penis before puting the condom on to have sex? Or regardless of this you would agree this was a low risk situation?

2) The lump in the neck is what scares me the most. Does this description relates to ARS? There was not fever involved, neither other swollen glands that I am aware of.

Thanks in advance.
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You don't have an HIV concern.
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Getting my results tomorrow. I know it was very low risk but that swollen lymph node on the left side of my neck about two weeks after exposure still scares me.

For those reading this, please say a prayer for me. Thank you.
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It wasn't a low risk, it wasn't a risk at all.
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Hello guys,

I guess this is not any news for you. My test was Negative

This was done with a modern Vironostika® HIV Uni-Form II Ag/Ab

I am SO relaxed after seeing this. The last two weeks were probably the worst of my life. I must suposse that nump on the neck 2-3 weeks after the "exposure" was not a sign that I was seroconverting, otherwise the test (taken 5 weeks after the incident) would have been reactive, right?

Anyway, for those reading this: Think twice about cheating on your partner. Really, it's not worth all the stress and anxiety. A friend of mine suggested me to write down in a papper a list of promises I will do after this experience. I suggest everyone happening through the same to do something similar, it will help to avoid similar incidents or exposures in the feature.

My doctor still says I should come back 3 months after the incident just to be extra sure, thing that I am planning to do. Of course, with a negative at 5 weeks, I won't be stressed anymore.

Thank you Teak for your comments.
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You don't need further testing, as you never had a risk to begin with.  Swollen lymph nodes can occur for any number of reasons.  With HIV, you don't just get one swollen node, there would be many swollen lymph nodes in different areas of the body.

You need to let this go.  You don't have an HIV concern and never did.
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Thanks for your comment nursegirl6572
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Just un update:

I had a second test today (9 weeks from the incident). I have been thinking a lot this week, specially about the lump node (swollen gland) in the left side of my neck appearing exactly 2-3 weeks after exposure (too bad coincidence), and I decided to test to totally move on with my life (couldn't wait for the 3 months one).

I have been reading a lot and I know a 9 week Negative would be virtually conclusive so I will be able to turn the page finally.

Question: If the lump node was due to HIV (it appeared about 2-3 weeks after the incident) would my 4th generation test taken 2 weeks later (5th week)  detected it?
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I've already explained to you that, with HIV, you wouldn't get just ONE swollen lymph node in ONE location.  You are wasting your time and money testing.  You never needed any testing.  You will always find another reason to test and another "what if" question, because anxiety is controlling your thinking.  Whatever is going on with your lymph node, it has ZERO to do with HIV.

You need to focus on professional help for anxiety, not chasing your tail waiting for an HIV diagnosis that is not going to happen (unless of course you test so much that you end up with a false positive...then imagine your stress?).  It  is not worth it...get some help.
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Also, you've been answering tons of questions here.  That is the very last thing you should be doing.  That is going to fuel your anxiety like gas to a fire, not to mention, you are not educated about HIV, therefore, you are only repeating what you have read.

It is seriously time for you to move on.
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Thank you for your comment.

I forgot to mention that shortly after the lump node situation, I started with a urinary track infection for about 2 weeks. Maybe the lump node was due to this (who knows). Doctor gave me cyprofloxacin and it helped. As the lump node and the UTI came after this incident, then I definitely got something because of this oral sex, but hopefully not HIV.

I will update with my results next week. And yes, if I make a 3 months test, I will just update with the results, without questions.
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Just got the results from my 9th week test. Summary of these last weeks of hell:

Day 01 - Unprotected insertive oral sex followed of protected anal and vaginal
Day 16 - Neck pain
Day 18 - Swollen lympn node in the right side of my neck (not too big). Confirmed by doctor
Day 23 - Urinary track infection including pain in the testicles. Had to go to toilet to **** every ten minutes.
Day 30 - After taking Ciprofloxacin the infection was almost gone
Day 34 - Vironostika® HIV Uni-Form II Ag/Ab -- Negative
Day 62 - Vironostika® HIV Uni-Form II Ag/Ab -- Negative

Lessons I learned:

1) Don't drink too much
2) Don't pick up girls on bars
3) Stay faithful
4) If a person says she/he "does not like condoms" RUN AWAY in that very moment! That person is a public health threat. You may not get HIV from receiving a blowjob, but you are likely to get other STDs or a painful urinary track infection!
5) If you can't be faithful, ALWAYS wear condoms, and wear them also for oral sex. As I said, HIV is not the only threat out there.

I will have a full STD panel in 2 or 3 weeks as I want to dispose of condoms with my current partner (she will do as well). Should I test for HIV again, I will let you know. Anyway, I am turning the page about this issue as of today.

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