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Lymph node painful

Well on a night of drinking I went to a csw and had sex with a condom
The condom didn't had a wrapper and I dont what type it was it's now 9months but I am getting infections all over my throat hurts one week before I had sore throat and it cleared now again today it's back and I have small sores on tounge almost every day my submental lymph node hurts and I can feel a pea sized node on my chin on the jaw line  
I have not tested
There a brief handjob from her unprotected
Every day i have problems
Sore throat
Lymph nodes
Skin infection
Urinary problems
Fungal problems
Is my immunty lost due to hiv
My lymph nodes hurts
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You havent got a risk for hiv as protected sex with condom prevents hiv infection,provided the condom dint failed apart totally.
Also a handjob is too a non risk event for hiv too.
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This does not make sense.  "only I am getting infections".
You don't work in the medical statistics department of your country so you have no idea how many people get infections. I presume you have seen a doctor who has diagnosed the health problems you have and are not just self-diagnosing and imagining them. You are definitely not the only one who is getting these, although you didn't make it clear that you have seen a doctor.
Also, you should ask your doctor who diagnoses you with these infections what is the cause instead of pretending that you can diagnose. Your doc can explain that you do not have hiv and that you are not the only one with the infections.
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my frequent infections is driving me crazy every time I am having infections I know it's cold and fever season from where I come but still only I am getting infections
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There is no concept of 'fake condom'. Therefore, wrapper, no wrapper, condom not removed from the packet / wrapper in your presence and every other possible analogies don't make any logical sense. Condoms are made of latex and latex is a material that effectively causes a barrier to HIV transmission, there are no good latex or bad latex, you must have never seen a condom brand's communication claiming to be the strongest instead it's pleasure, scent etc.

It seems you are worried due to either a guilt of something or simply due fear of dying from HIV. Your worries are your own issues in your head, it has nothing to do with condom, csw or any thing else.

We won't be surprised to see you complaining about so many symptoms as there are thousands like yourself with absolutely no risk do the same thing here on this forum, no one ever has ever tested positive and the advice to each one has been constant - See a therapist.

Your best option now is to seek help for your paranoia, you were never exposed and you didn't possess a risk for an HIV transmission.

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You never had a risk for HIV because you used a condom. All of your self induced paranoia about a disease that you were never exposed to is going to lead you on a downward spiral of wrong assumptions. Seek a therapist to overcome this irrational health phobia because your problem is not HIV.
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