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M2m oral

Hi guys.

I am really worried at the moment.
About 5 years ago I have gave about 5-10 men oral sex. Some ejaculated in my mouth. I always thought the risk was zero so it didn’t cross my mind. I have never had anal sex (either protected or unprotected) and only had protected vaginal sex once.

I’m beginning to read that oral sex is a low; but real hiv risk. And that there are now documented cases.

Is it likely I am carrying hiv or another std after such a period. 5 years. I’ve booked in doctors appointment next week but my anxiety is out of control at the moment.
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A mouth differs from an anus in that it is full of nothing but saliva and air. Please reread my initial advice.
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Maybe this will help you understand.  There is something called theoretical risk.  That means, in theory it 'could' happen.  BUT IT DOESN'T.  To date, no one has ever been documented and proven to get oral sex from giving or receiving oral sex.  Therefore, HIV experts around the globe agree that oral sex is ZERO practical risk.  Meaning, it just doesn't happen.  Therefore, they do not recommend testing for HIV if that is your only risk. You will not get HIV from oral sex.  You will not be the first person on the planet to get it that way.  The only ways adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  
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Hi GuitarRox

Thanks for your time in responding.
I still am unsure about two things.

1.  You mention no cases; on the forum previously Dr Hook and Dr Handsfield have stated that cases do exist. CDC and other doctors say there’s also cases available. So I don’t understand how you can use this argument.

2. The one thing I don’t understand is; a lot of the moderators here say that if you swallow the stomach acids will kill the virus before it makes its way to the digestion tract. I get that. But if the mouth is cut; then doesn’t that expose the mucous membrane in the mouth. I’ve been reading that “minor or micro” tears in the anus is all it takes; yet in the mouth you need a gaping wound/tooth pulled out. It doesn’t make sense
You keep focusing on your claims that a few people over 40 years of worldwide hiv history got hiv from the way you are worried about. If you still eat hamburgers then you have mixed up your risk priorities because a lot of people actually do die YEARLY from E Coli. Also a few people die from a thumbtack injury that creates a clot that goes to their brain, but people who work in offices don't wear steel gloves to protect against that.
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No worries, because you can't get hiv from oral activities. Studies of infected people in an oral sex relationship or who have kissed have proven that the negative partner doesn't get hiv. HIV is effectively instantly dead in air plus also dead in saliva, and the person`s mouth always has those 2 hiv killers in it protecting the negative person from getting hiv via oral activities. Blood and cuts would not be relevant since the hiv has become effectively dead, so you don't have to look for them to be sure that you are safe.
You can read anything on the internet, so I'm not sure why you decided to start googling (for death) but all you need to know is above, so your best option is to move on from googling any more and find a more productive use of your time that does not make you anxious.
There is no reason to see the gp either, unless you keep googling in which case you will still be anxious and he might be able to provide anxiety counseling.
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Thanks for replying
I think I’m still going to test to make for certain. Although I respect the people on the forum; I find it so hard to understand why other credible websites (written by medical professionals) say that it a risk; albeit low; but still real. The contradiction I think, is what brings people back and keep asking about low risk exposures.

I just read a post in 2014 from Dr Hook that says that there is 2-3 reported cases. So how can it in fact be zero risk?
I can't be studying every site people think they have done useful practical research on or we will be here all night.
You can get e coli from a hamburger but you don't test for that after every meal despite the act that lots of people die from it every year or get a cancer checkup every day despite the fact that any cancer test is not good past the test day, so your focus on hiv is out of perspective.
It is not surprising that you are anxious, because you just keep going back to the internet for more reading after I explained you had zero risk.
I understand what your trying to say; but isn’t it contradictory. Can you get E. coli from a hamburger. Yea. The risks are low. But you can. That’s my point. I don’t understand how we can continue telling people oral sex is “zero risk” when others, including doctors in the industry, are saying that there are confirmed cases. That’s the one point I still cannot understand. And I think it’s perhaps the thought that others have issues with too perhaps.
"Can you get E. coli from a hamburger. Yea."  Hundreds of people die from ecoli every year but you don't test for that, yet you think there are 3 oral sex hiv positive encounters over the last 40 years and it has you worried.  
I am not able to make this any clearer, so since you continue to feel this is worrisome I suggest you keep the gp appointment.
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