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Made a big mistake

I gave oral sex to a guy last friday evening.  He came in my mouth and I spat out straight away.

On Monday, I started feeling warm, not a fever though.  I started to look things up on the net.  Tuesday and wednesday, I started getting the shakes.  My head and neck felt hot, but my temp fluctuated between 36.6 and 37.1.  

Today, actually, just two or three hours ago, I have some red dots on my tongue, which is also coated white.

Have I made the biggest mistake of my life, or am I panicking???
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ah red dots on tongue...that's normal..same goes with the coated white. oral thrush/candidiasis don't usually appear after short exposure and if they do, it's pain/irritation/burning sensation all over your mouth. since being anxious...you'd be worried with every little details of changes ur body is going through. quite normal.

the symptoms you read on the net plus ur anxiety got the best of you. it will pass. get tested 3 weeks/6weeks/3months/6months
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No hiv risk at all. Like zoolander said thrush/candida does not happen during early hiv anyway, it happens far down the road. Sounds liek you are panicking.
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a good way to alleviate your anxiety/panic is to talk to your close friend about it. it will help a lot. also, keep busy and maybe workout?

here's a joke:

if you're worried about having hiv, always think positive about it ^-^

you'll be fine :3
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