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Married but tried with men

Hello Doc,
   I am 31 and been married for 8 years, I have always been a little Bi-Curious but repressed the other side until just recently when I went out town on business this summer (July) and went out with a guy who I later found out had HIV.  We did not have sex though I did put his **** in my mouth for a brief moment (few seconds probably).  I did not even remember this until he told me just recently he had HIV, which freaked me out.  I also have just had unprotected anal sex with a guy that claims he is clean, and I was the insertive partner (top) and I did cum inside him.  Now with the news of this other guy I am very stressed about my own risk and exposure to my wife.  I do not believe I have any symptoms of any STDs, except my tonsils have been a little swollen lately, but they have been enlarged most of my life.  The partner I had sex with was an erotic massage therapist, but claims I was the only guy he ever invited back to his room since he had a partner until now.  We looked for a condomn and couldnt find one and proceeded anyway- (yea I know that wasn't smart) but obviously I wasnt thinking right either.   Please tell me my risk assessment.  Until this I have been monogamous with my wife.  
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3 months post exposure will give you a conclusive test result for your unpotected anal sex.
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Is there anything that I should look for in the coming weeks and months beside die of anxiety.  Is there anything that one can do, hours, or days after exposure to limit your risk.  I had no open sores and it seems like if you cum and then pee after sex that it would be difficult for the virus to travel further into your system.  I was hoping to assess my risk.  Thanks
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The deal with ejaculation and urinating is a fallacy. The only way for you to have protected yourself was with the use of a condom or been in a monogamist relationship where you both tested negative together.
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Thanks for your response, though I was still curious about my exposure with the HIV+ person that I posted above.  I was also hoping to have maybe some statistics on being the insertive partner with someone who claims they are clean, and if there are any symptoms to look for between now and being tested in 3 months.
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You didn't have a risk with the HIV positive person.
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