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Massage Parlour Incident

I was at a Thai Massage Parlour last night. Had a body to body massage and accidentally my penis head dipped into the massage lady’s vagina for 1 second. We both pulled back immediately. My penis was oiled with massage oil. Both of us got a bit scared. Got a hand job thereafter and had a shower and left. Am now worried about this exposure. What do you recommend I do?
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Only you know if you penetrated and you think you did. Any penetration is a risk, but likely the lady is negative since she didn't want penetration to happen. I would relax and forget about this encounter for 4 weeks, then take a duo test - a duo  is conclusive after 4 weeks, so a negative means you will be able to move on from hiv fears.
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I assume you were not wearing a condom, otherwise there was zero risk and don't even bother testing.
Yes this was without a condom. Can a short 1 second dip like this pose a risk?
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If your penis was in her vagina without a condom, that is a risk.  Extremely low though at less than 2 percent transmission if the person has hiv and ZERO if they don't (and they probably don't).  Take a duo test at 28 days if you inserted.  Only you know if you did so if you think so, then yes, take a test to be sure but again, the risk is extremely low.
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