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Massage center exposure. Really scared. Please help.

On July 7th I went for a massage center. I googled the massage centers address and went there for a massage. Did not check the reviews. :(
In between the massage, the girl offered sex and I went out of control. This is the first time I had sex.

She went out of the room and came with a condom. She started putting the condom and she also used her mouth to put the condom. After that we had a protected sex for not more than 2 mins  (No kissing. possibly she touched her vagina with her hand and she put her hand in my mouth I am not sure ... and I sucked/licked her breasts). I ejaculated inside her and the condom was intact. Immediately after the ejaculation I realised and removed the condom. Since then I am going through a really rough time. I am not able to do any other than thinking about possible exposure to HIV.

I asked that girl if she had HIV or symptoms of HIV, she said no and not to worry about that as they take care of all that. I called the massage center and enquired once again after a month after the incident and the massage center lady told me not to worry as they take care of all that and all their girls are tested.

Last 3 days I have pain in my right knee and left arm. I have been consistently checking my weight. I have gained 3-4 pounds since that incident around 8 weeks back.
I don't have any other symptoms apart from the right knee pain (near the joint), left arm pain (bi-sips, forearm and sometimes near the joint) and head ache for 1 day. This is first time in my life I have got this kind of knee and arm pain. I am really scared!!!

I am afraid to go to clinic for HIV testing. I am planning to get married next month, I have not told my girl friend about this incident yet. Please help me and advice what I should do.
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You were never at risk of contracting HIV.
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Hi teak,

Thanks for responding.. That gives me lot of confidence.

I am not sure why I have leg and arm pain for last 3 days. Also I am getting married next month.

With all this do you think I should go for HIV testing?I am afraid to go to clinic for HIV testing.

Thanks & Regards
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Maybe you are scared because it was your first time. You used a condom, it is protected and safe sex. Which means NO RISK as Teak just told you.
P.S: congratulations on your upcoming wedding,dont cheat ;)
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Thanks. I will not cheat her. Thanks.
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