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Masturbation and hiv/std`s

HI Everybody
I`am 27 old gay man and two days ago i have a sexual contact with one unknow boy, how i met in the Sauna(Yes i know that this is stupid), We have protected anal sex ( I was on top), but before that we practice mutual masturbation but without ejaculation but existe pre -semen. When I put the condom on my penis, I touch him with the hand that i used for masturbation, and probably part of his pre semen take a contact with my urethra. Am I at risk, if the men was seropositif? Can i contact HIV ot STD`s from such kind of exposure? And do i need testing( this was my firs sexual contact from 6 months and the last week a made a HIV test - negative)

P.S. Is my situation is different because my penis is circumcised and the urethra was remouving chirurgical

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No it's no different you didn't have a risk of contracting HIV.
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First of all Thanks for your soon replay,
I think that this give me a little peace , but can you explaine me why you concenr that this kind of expouser is not consider as risk of transmission
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HIV is not transmitted by masturbation. HIV does not stay active and cannot be transmitted outside the body.
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Even if the time between of the masturbation and the contact with the penis is very short
Because i read that the virus can live out of the body about a 2 - 3 hours
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The virus is not alive to begin with. You've been told the facts. You didn't have a risk. Anymore questions post them on the Expert Forum "HIV Prevention."
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i am sorry that i distribe you again but i read some ifno sites concerning hiv/sida education that consider my situation , and the mutual masturbation like a risk of hiv transmission.I visited today different clinics and they say totaly oposite opinions.  Now i don`t know what to think. You stay my last chance, You give me big help in my past situation on testing, and i hope that can give me some advise please,
Oh and yes, today i have a penis disconfort and some pain in the urethra. So this may be some kind of STD. I gave a urine for screening, but if i have STD like gonorrhea or chlamidia, is this possible to be infectite with HIV also. I read that STD is very risky farctor for hiv transmission.
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Go post in the STD forum you didn't have a risk of contracting HIV.
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Thanks Teak,

Knowing is one thing but having it told to you by somebody with whose opinion you respect somehow changes things.
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Hi I was tested today positive for gonorrhea. Please can you say me if this change the possibility to be infected with HIV. And do i need tested ( my last test was week ago 6 months after my last rapport sexuel
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You didn't contract gonorrhea from the situation you provided to us.
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I also want to be true, but the results are in front of me
and this is was the exact situation.
the anal penetration was protected - and the condom wasn`t broken, every time after sex i check. We dont have any ohter contact - no kissing, no oral. So tha last chance to be infected was the mutual masturbation, and the doctor in the Clinic say that is not un usual.
But my question is if this change the risk of infection of hiv.

Sorry that i distrub you, but i want to put this out of my life
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Try posting that on the Doctor's Forum and see if you can get them to buy your story.
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