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Me and wife having hiv symptoms

Almost 10 antibody tests, 3 pcr RNA tests all came out negative.. My exposure was dec-2013, symptoms were started 10 days post exposure and still continue main symptoms fever of unknown orgin, thrush, rash on upper chest, lymph nodes, beau-lines,  went to ID doctor not able to find out what it has because about?
After long wait with negative tests, and then I met wife sexually recently and she has also same symptoms started include sore throat, body aches, fatigue, fever of unknown orgin(low grade fever). We definitely think that she got this from me.

I have no idea what do now!!

We both have continuous low grade fever...doctors can't able to find-out.  

Do We both need hiv tests now??

Any thoughts from around you?? Thanks  
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What was your risk?
Any antibody test 8 weeks and beyond is conclusive.
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Hiv antibody tests 2, 7,13,23,38,42 weeks post exposure negative
Hiv pcr RNA 5,13,42 weeks not detected

Do We need test after 1 year ??
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This fever is horrible we both can't able to live life like this.. And also, feet Nd hand sole burning, warm sensation. And complete dry mouth.
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Reread what I wrote.
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Risk: unprotcted oral and protected vaginal sex
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Symptoms are persisting what would be the cause ?? Both my wife also have all symptoms, what are STI causes this symptoms ?? If not hiv what it can be ??
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See/follow up with your Dr. Can't diagnosis you here.
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I came here to ask you is still caused because of STI??
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STD questions post in the STD forum please.
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That's not right, I posted here because I wanted to see if there could be a possibility hiv systematic infection?? Wanted to see experience guys advice.
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No it is right, we have seperate forums for HIV and STD's. HIV questions here, STD questions in that forum. Simple as that.
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Go back and reread your thread with Dr. Hook.

You don't have HIV.  HIV is NOT a concern.  

You'll have to continue working with your doctor if you continue to feel unwell.  HIV is definitely off the list, and has been for a long long time.
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Man your post saved my life, im in the same situation like yours with the same symptoms all came after my risky exposure, and i really don't know what to do, im tested after six months with four tests all negative but symptoms still ruining my file(low grade fever) day and night oral thrush, right now i have suecial feeling i dont know what to do anymore ore where to go. Please man if u have any answer, keep me posted.
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