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Med Help Gang vs Youtube-hiv videos

If anyone here would take time to set this lady on YouTube straight, i'd appreciate it. They are really scaring me man, ultra conservative at every turn testing at six months for a conclusive result for one...i posted a response stating what we state here, that it's been 3 months for a while now. The response-the cdc says 6 months is golden...
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In Miami we do 3 months as being conclusive. Miami also has one of the highest HIV/AIDS prevelence rates in the U.S (may be the highest) so testing would have to be very accurate here and they consider this 3 month test final.  6 months is for the ultra rare cases (already have compromised immune systems, cancer patients, chemo., etc...). Hope this helps some.
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Miami? Wow, i thought it would be L.A, NY or something, that's incredible..I know it's 3 months myself, it's just they say the cdc say it's 6 months-they say 3 -or- 6, i can't really find it.
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Yep, I think we surpassed NY or at least that's what they told me when I tested. By 3 months around 99.9% of people infected will turn positive. I don't think it's worth worrying about that tiny percentage rarely rarely ever seen who turn + at 6 months. I was going through the same thing regarding testing and I just had to trust in what I was told...if not it would have driven me mad. The test at 3 months is definitely conclusive if you don't have cancer etc...Anyway, the cdc like you said is ultra conservitave and confusing so I believe they are just covering themselves due to the extremely rare cases that take longer than 3 months.  
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that info is not right?you can also find cdc say 6mos window period in their web page.
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That is the CDC's most recent training manual. So don't tell me or anyone else it's not correct. Anything that you've read where CDC states 6 months is outdated.
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everyone know cdc use 6mos for a long time,till 2008 they still not change window period,that say 6mos negative you will be safe.
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