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Recently, read an interesting article about a man - positive with Aids  -who had a bone marrow treatment and apprently appears to be hiv negative. ( 20 months after suregery ) The following url will take you to the story. Just wanted to share this in the event any party on this site with  hiv/aids or not, may not know this  exciting medical information.  

Now that Bush is gone, let's hope Obama takes the lid off the jar and opens the kitchen for stem cell research.  
Any thoughts about this article, please commnet.

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He wasn't given the bone marrow transplant because of HIV. Survival rate on bone morrow transplants is 30%. I wouldn't risk the CD4's that I have to even think of a bone morrow transplant.
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Respectfully understood,. The risk is very high, but the story brings a smile with much hope a cure maybe close.  The fluke like information opened the door of understanding the disease. Or, should I say, an "ah" awakening look at possibilities?  It may not seem hopeful to you which is understood. But, from a scientific standpoint,  if he continues to test negative, it will be an important focal point  And yes, most importantly will be the  the ability to do so safely with minimal risk. The so called Noble Prize answer.  I live in Menlo Park and work at Stanford.  I assure you, brillant minds race each other to be the first and for the recognition of being the best.  But the main reason, they care about the human race. Many times, political protocol is a time consuming enabler gripping the progess far more tthan most know.  However, as stated in prior post, Obama may help to begin a journey into a truly amazing world with gene therapy and stem cell research.  Keep the hope, and know many people around this globe are working diligently to find a safe and reliable cure for each of you that are living daily with hiv./aids.

Take Care
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Have you had a risk of contracting HIV? If not, move on.
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This is a prevention community.
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Correct, this is a prevention forum and your thread has nothing to do with prevention and doesn't belong on this forum.

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