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Medication effecting HIV blood test?

I am 3 weeks off having a 12 week test for HIV, my 4 week test was negative.
I am really anxious, and have found St John's Wort gives me a little help. Does anybody know if taking St John's Wort or over the counter pain killers, asprin etc , effects a HIV blood test?
I remember being asked at my 4 week test if I had taken certain medication, but can't remember what they asked me, my mind was else where. I don't want to go for my 12 week test to be told come back in a week or so, because I have taken medication.
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no effect, no way
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St John Wort

Hey if you think it works for u keep it up.  Some folks have a rabbits foot, some rely on magnents etc.  

Some rely on booze....  

Me, I am clueless
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Thanks, just I read that there is a line of research on St John's Wort that it might have an effect on the HIV virus, basically putting the brakes on it. IF it can do that I was concerned it might effect the outcome of any test results.
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What??? Do not believe everything you read.  Just because it's in print, doesn't mean it's true!  90% of "research" is total garbage.

St.John Wort does not have ANY effect on HIV infection and definitely not on blood test results.

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what about paxil would that effect the test at all?or immodium?does anyone know.
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You are right, the internet is a wealth of mis-information. But I needed to ask the question, because of my anxiety I am not thinking has logical as I should do.
But after saying that, I do feel without this web site, I would have gone insane with worry by now. I get comfort that Dr HHH, states a four week test covers 85 to 90% of people, being negative, it reduces my worry to a 10 to 15% possibility. It helps.
Anyway sorry I am getting off the subject of my posting.
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