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Mental Stress

I am a 33 year old male that had protected sex with a working girl approximately 14 months ago. I had prostatitis within a month of the encounter and was tested for STD's which came back negative. However, I have been overly concerned with exposure to HIV just recently. I donate blood on a regular basis and over the past 14 months have not had any reprecussions from doing so. Even though I have the knowledge of having donated blood,and obviously they test, that everything SHOULD be good. I do break out into hives which only last up to a couple of hours, I recently have what seems to be a viral infection on my inner cheek that has been there approx 2 weeks, I still have symtoms of prostatitis ( strep veridans ). Should I be concerned with the possiblity of an infection to the virus or does having given blood on 3 different occasions clear me? I feel as if it is more mental, but having a great marriage with 2 little ones has me very concerned because of my mistake. Answers will definitely help.
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what has "cleared" you is the FACT that you had CONDOM PROTECTED sex.
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