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Messy situation, fungal, hiv risk

Alright, this is an ugly sad situation I am in.

I slept with a prostitute ( protected ) and got a fungal infection on my back a week or two later ( ringworm ) ...
It was protected so no HIV risk here.. . I also tested negative conclusively for this....

Months later I was at a massage parlour ( I am bipolar so I make erratic self harmful decisions that have destroyed my life ) I thought my ringworm had been cleared on my back but it hadn't and the massage oil spread the ringworm to my groin, and my legs.... Now I have it everywhere. I have had a chancre on my perineum when I first noticed the red ringworm in my groin. Im just hoping to god I could not have caught HIV through a hand job massage oil and that this ringworm clears up with this medication I have. Im on anti fungal tablets and they've given me a rash and I feel rather sick this hole time. it is a TERRIBLE feeling. I will test at 8 weeks for his as this happened two weeks ago.. But im just hoping there wasn't a risk through getting a hand job with fungus in the oil already. im wondering if HIV could survive in massage oil? I guess I've felt sickening symptoms and chills all over but im not sure. just looking for advice.
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Handjobs are not a risk for HIV. In an adult, the only risk for HIV is through unprotected anal or vaginal sex and sharing IV drug needles with infected users.

Ringworm on the other hand is highly contagious and all of your issues are common for someone who has not had proper treatment for it. I strongly advise you to to a dermatologist and get appropriate treatment in order to resolve the ringworm. Your massage therapist was actually at risk from you spreading your ringworm. But nothing that you have posted has anything at all to do with HIV.
Thank you for your response. Im still a bit scared as I have a known anxiety disorder as well.. I just feel as if the massage therapist was offended as she took her clothes off I was like hey please keep your clothes back on I don't want to do this like that and she looked at me funny.. I just hope she did not contaminate the oil with anything or purposefully make me contract something. It scares me because online it says when you have a perineum ulcer it means white blood cells rushed to the surface of the skin because of an infection... So I do know I was infected with something.. Hopefully It was just ringworm though...
It's not possible to contaminate massage oil with anything. That's just your irrational anxiety talking. As for her being offended, she's probably upset that YOU may have infected HER with YOUR ringworm, since it's very contagious.
I hope I did not :( I feel like a trash can damn. The ringworm is considerably bad on various parts of my body. hopefully the medication will help.
You keep saying the same thing, 3 times now, that you are worried. If you can't accept the science that there is no hiv risk to you but you are the only one who could have given her your disease, perhaps see a therapist.
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I agree with Chima.  This is not a risk for HIV.  But ringworm is a pain, get that officially cleared up. And if your bipolar makes you take risks and not make good decisions, bipolar is treatable.  You should be working with a psychiatrist and find medical support for that condition.  
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