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Microtear in condom

I have a quick question. I know from past answers and reading your excellent community posts that only unprotected oral or anal sex or iv drug use causes aids. My question is regarding what the risk is if there is a microtear or small tear in the condom. I am in Japan and met with a transgender woman who works at an escort shop. She has long and sharp nails and when she put the lubricant on the condom she massaged my penis with the condom on it and it is possible one of her nails might have nicked the condom although she did seem careful. When we finished I checked the condom quickly before she wrapped it in tissues and my cum was all in the condom and there were no obvious tears, but I was wondering what the risk might be if her nail caused a microtear or small unoticable tear. She did not penetrate me. We had two way unprotected oral, but I know from your past answers that is not an HIV risk
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Microtears are a myth. If a condom fails it will be a large rip right down the seam and you can't miss it. It is a waste of time doing close inspections. Not sure why you are asking since you did oral, but you should move on.
Thank you for the answer! We did have sex with me on top and not just oral. I never knew that microtears are a myth. That is a good thing to know not just for this situation but for condom use generally! The folks like you who help so many of us should have your own podcast or youtube channel. Your knowledge is so helpful to so many people, me included! Thank you!
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