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Molloscum and HIV Scare

I'm really scared right now.

I did something stupid and visited an unlicensed massage parlour, and received a happy ending with possibly oral. I don't remember having sex, but I was so drunk that I couldn't remember.

Fast forward 3 weeks and my doctor has found molluscum in the the shaft of my penis, which he has frozen off.

I've now got a sore throat, one swollen tonsil, and my gums were bleeding - possibly due to not flossing correctly.

I'm now really scared that I might have HIV, and I'm married, living with my wife and children.

I got a blood test at the 10 day mark, and nothing showed up in the results. I'm now really scared as I have to wait till at least 8 weeks for a conclusive results.

I'm also coming down with a fever, and not sure if it's due to my anxiety, or something else.

Please help me someone - please

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HIV can be transmitted via unprotected vaginal or/and anal penetration, sharing IV works in drugs and from mother to child
Take care
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So if I have all the symptoms above with the occasional coughing of green phlegm, then you wouldn't think it's HIV related
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Don't go by the symptoms.
If you penetrated unprotected then you should test in order to be aware of your status.
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Thanks BeStrong!

To be honest, al I thought I received was a hand job, but can't remember if it escalated to oral or sex. I'm sure that I would have realised it if it did happen, but now I'm really worried.

I did a test at 2 weeks, which I know wouldn't be conclusive but it came back negative.

What's the earliest that I could do the test to be sure - 8 weeks or sooner? I know there is a 3 month rule, but not sure if my sanity can hold off until then.
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A 4th generation test should be done at 4 weeks post exposure and a simple HIV test at three months post exposure.
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Be Strong. Do you think a HIV test at 8 weeks would be conclusive? I'm not sure if my mind can bear that much time. I'm really scared.

Would symptoms like these show themselves at 3-4 weeks, or do you think it's pure coincidence?

I don't believe I had vaginal or anal intercourse with the women, but oral might have been possible. Would the women having molluscum put her at a higher probability of having HIv?
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What do you think be strong? I'm just worried because molluscum is associated with people who had HiV.
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A simple HIV test done at a clinic is conclusive at 3 months post exposure.
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