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Mono symptoms gone, going next week

I feel better today, no more sore throat but I do still have what looks like thick white cottage cheese plastered all over my tonsils. I am trying to prevent my brain from telling me its oral thrush.

I realized there is a public health 8 blocks from my home! This works out perfectly because I posted yesterday that I was banned from the county health STD dept from any further HIV tests until Sept. I am going to get my 4 week at the city health dept. I figure if I was misdiagnosed with mono and it was truly ARS, then no doubt I will test positive by next week as I have been sick 2 weeks. Dr HHH says most people who truly do have ARS will test positive a week after symptoms start.

I am really scared.
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Your brain shouldn't be telling you it's oral thrush, because oral thrush has nothing to do with the initial stages of HIV. It is an opportunistic infection that only occurs years after your immune system has been severely damaged. It wouldn't show up in the first months after infection the way you're describing. So forget about oral thrush.
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And she won't believe the test anyway.  Sigh.
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would it sow up in the form of extreme dry mouth a little less than 3wks after sex?
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I was going to respond with "I'll have unprotected sex with you if it makes you feel any better...cause it will make me feel better"...but then I remembered the last 12 weeks I went through. But I'm open to oral...
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Get your own girl a$$hole

Or are you talkin to peek? If so I take it back
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I know rationally its not oral thrush, my mind keeps telling me crazy things right now.

I still dont know if I have herpes. This is the LAST and FINAL time I ever have any sexual tests done at a regular dr. It has been over a week and the herpes test is "still processing." What kind of baloney is that? If i had done a blood test for herpes at the county public health i bet i would have known asap. But now I cant go back to the public health for a month.

I think I will go on Monday to the city public health for my 4 week HIV test. If it is negative, I have decided to moveon with my life and accept the result as conclusive. I dont care what the CDC says. I believe Dr HHH and he says most people who are truly positive get a positive test result at 4 weeks. I have always been a part of the majority my whole life in everything, I'm not the sore thumb, so I am confident I will be conclusive at 4 weeks.
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