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More testing?


Forgive my English as I am not a native English speaker.

I am a male and 23 days ago I visited a massage parlour in Sydney, Australia, where I got a body to body massage from a naked girl (commercial sex worker).

When lying naked on my stomach, she massaged my back, legs, butt, anus, scrotum and penis, giving me a hand job from behind. She applied water with soap (on herself and on me) to do the massage and used a sponge that was in a basket with water (most definitely used with other clients as well) to apply the water on "us".
She also rubbed her breasts and her pubic area on my back, including my butt.

When I turned around, lying on my back, she continued masturbating me and I also touched her vagina to stimulate her (without fingering). She was very wet.
I then proceeded to masturbate myself using the same hand I used to masturbate her.
She rubbed my penis on her breasts and I sucked her nipples.

Later on, while trying to position herself on top of me, her vagina touched my erect bare penis/scrotum and I asked her to move away as I did not want any genital to genital contact. The contact was very brief. She finished masturbating me until I came and we both had a shower before I left the place. She offered me to have sex with her, however I said no.

My real concerns are:

1 - Vaginal secretions from our hands on my penis when masturbating me.
2 - Sucking her nipples after she rubbed my penis on her breasts (my penis having had contact with vaginal secretions and the water used during the "massage" and then being on her breasts).
3 - The very brief genital to genital contact.

I got very anxious about this exposure. I had a full STI test at day 20th, including HIV. They all came back negative.

I also would like to say that after 3 days of this exposure, I found a lump on my left nipple, which was very sore when touching. I went to see a doctor (did not mention anything about the sexual activity) and she gave me Kefflex which I took for 5 days and the lump went away. I don't think this is related to my exposure but I just would like to let you know as well.

I really regret this episode and I would appreciate if you could assess my risks and let me know if you would recommend more tests, as I know that my tests were done too soon for some stis.

Thank you.
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You never had an HIV risk
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As above. No risk
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Thank you diver58
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Thank you bmthbloke
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Hy guys,

I appreciate your advice but I ended up doing another test (antibody and antigen) at 8 weeks.
I was scared because I remember her massaging my inner foreskin and penis head with the same hands she used to masturbate herself.

The result for the test was negative (it was for HIV and Syphilis).

Would this be conclusive? (If I had a risk)

I'm experiencing a bit of discomfort in my urethra at the moment.

Would my urine test be conclusive at 2 weeks and 6 days for Chlamyfia, Gono, etc?

Thank you?
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