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Most common male to male transmission?

i kinda am coming to the conclusion on this whole HIV thing that there is really only one risk when it comes to male on male transmission; and that is it's gotta be insertive or receptive anal sex. do you agree?

if oral has really never been proven to be an actual method of transmission over these 25+ years of the infection it seems like its gotta be anal sex almost all of the time?

i know there are other forms of transmission: needle stick, sharing needles, blood transfusions (in 80's before blood was tested) but i am speaking of sexual contact between two males.

interested in the forums thoughts on this.

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Did you come to your conclusion by, "Process of elimination?" You remove oral sex and swapping of needles and syringes, occupational exposures and you don't have anything else to transmit HIV.
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yeah,i guess process of elim is a way of looking at my conclusion.  in terms of male to male it seems anal has to be the method of transmission.  other methods such as fingering, oral, and rimming seme to require extraordinary circumstances that just don't seem to occur.

my exposure was receiving insertive oral (put penis in his mouth) mult times.

6 wks neg test even though convinced from symptoms I have hiv.

I am waiting for 3 month result and though nervous as heck I am beginning to think my problem has been mental and emotional guilt more than real risk.

what do you think represent most forms of trans from male to male in terms of sexual contact?   anal 99% of the time? less?  there must be some stats on male to male sexual transmission of hiv?


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M-M, is anal, then IV drug abuse.
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do you know anyone who definitely got it thru oral? I've been told my penis would have to have a bleeding sore and he would have to have enough blood iin his mouth to overcome the saliva from killing the virus.  

do you know male/male who got it thru anal or drug use?

what if the person getting the bj had knicks from shaving? or herpes sores that were not open? seems oral would be more common transmission method for hiv if herpes sores were an easy entry point?
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You've got to be kidding aren't you? I've had 52 personal friends die of AIDS. Do I know people that got infect by anal? Of course I do. Do I know people that contracted HIV from IV drug abuse. Yes. I don't know of one person that has contract HIV from receiving a blowjob. I don't know any that have given blowjobs to contract it.
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sorry teak...i didnt realize you knew so many people how have hiv or died from hiv.  i am sorry to hear about this.  i am still new to the forum and feel pretty self centered at the moment which isnt fair.  i guess anxiety and debilitating fatigue the last 12 weeks has me focused on myself.  

i'm waiting for my results from my test on friday (3 months) and i keep feeling my skin burning, fatigue, jaw pain and general tiredness and i think i am in for a bad test result....even with the 6 week negative test.

although my exposure was limited to receiving head, i know he rubbed his penis against my ass (not in it but on my anus region) on a few occasions and i just keep playing over and over in my head that there must have been precum or something.  how else could i feel so lousy all the time?

wish you well.  peace.
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After you obtain your Negative result. It will be up to you to figure out why you feel like you do. You'll find it has nothing to do with HIV. You have to have a risk and you haven't.
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