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Multiple Infection during Oral.

Sir, a while ago perhaps about 2 and half months ago. I went down to Noglas Mexico. Went into one of the strip clubs where the girls would performed oral .

I had received oral sex  & few days later had symptoms of gonorrhea.

Fast forward to 2 & half months later, I have symptoms of Diarreha, Weakness from the stomach, eye pain, Ball groin pain , pain on the side of chest around the rib cage where singles form. Constantly feel sicks, sore throat, mouth sores & burning.

I feel so much fatigue than I ever did in my life. Symptoms right know are , Weakness , Muscle Pain & Sore, Lympmh Pain, Sore Throat.... In 2 months I had over 3 low grade fever.

was I at risk for hiV ?  

should i test ?

I have loose stool for over 1 week .

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I forgot to mention that i have ear pain, pressure in the ear , ear pop and ear ringing.
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You didn't have a risk of contracting HIV from receiving a blowjob.
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Symptoms are point less , teak ?

thank you

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Mr. Teak, I was infected with gonorrhea. Does that increase my risk ?

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Yes symptoms are pointless and no it doesn't matter if you had gonorrhea. You don't contract HIV from oral sex.
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No risk my friend put it out of your mind
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I have very similiar symptoms 9 weeks after receiving oral sex, tested neg for gono though.

My temp has be consistently low around 97-97.5 for two months with all kinds af rashes and fatigue and joint pain and tingling in face and groin and pain behind the eyes.

But according to this message board....there is now way I have HIV. I hope Teak and company are correct.

I am testing next week...can't wait any longer.
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Is ear infection a sign of hiv?
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You both did NOT have a HIV risk from oral sex.

The symptoms you both speak off, are frequently associated with classical Anxiety as opposed to ARS. I assure you both, the only thing waiting for you after taking the test is a negative.

You both DO NOT need testing on the account of these exposures.  

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Your support is very helpful. Please, do not take this as a disrespect, but, how can you possibly tell us that we are not infected.

You know my symptoms, I have a ear infection, I am 28 years old , how can I get ear infection, and many host of other symptoms.

Has there any one on the board who has tested positive ?
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I am having fever that is not going away, have sore throat, ear pressure, pain and infection, along with that diagnosis with Tinea versicolor ( fungal infection of the skin )

plus, I have a herpes lesion inside the mouth that is not going away.

I am scared that i have hiv.

Please, don't say no infection....what can cause the symptoms .
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Following Symptoms:

Fever with Nigh sweat, itchy skin , Tinea Veriscolor ( Fungal Infection ) , Ear pressure, pain and infection, increase in eye floaters, stomach pain,  and losing weight.

I have lost 2 pounds in 1 day.

??? Help
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With all due respect to YOU....we are telling you NO risk b/c there IS no risk.  It is as simple as that.

Symptoms are 100% absolutely and completely meaningless...if you DID have a risk (which you did not)...your symptoms would mean absolutely nothing.

Adults get ear infections all the time.  You sound as though you are ill...which would warrant a trip to your doctor....whatever is making you sick it is NOT HIV.  My guess would be the common cold.

Good luck...and be sure to seek some help for that anxiety before it gets ahead of you....b/c most of your "symptoms" sound anxiety related, honestly...minus the ear infection.
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Tinea Veriscolor was diagnosis by my Doc. He didn't really say much, except oh yea its a fungal infection. Yesterday, had my blood withdrawn for Hep B & C.

okay I got a great question, I notice many people on the board are saying 1 in 10,000 etc... chance... does that mean, if someone has oral sex 10,000 he has 1 chance of becoming infected ?

second, there is a test a quick ora test, that they swab in your mouth. Well if HIV was not infectious through saliva, than why would they swab your mouth ?
so HIV does live in your mouth ?

I do have a thrush on the right cheek end of the throat.

Can you answer that for me ?

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The fact that they swab your mouth has NOTHING to do with HIV being present or absent in the mouth...that is just where they collect the cells to test.  Saliva is not infectious.

You had a **, right?  Those 1 in 10,000 numbers you are reading about really apply more to the GIVERS of oral sex than they do the receivers.  The GIVERS come in contact with genital secretions...the RECEIVER comes in contact with the person's saliva.  Does that make sense?

So....for all logical purposes....experts and docs will place a VERY minute risk as related to oral sex....SO minute, that for practical purposes, it is ZERO...as close as you could possibly be to zero.  But, being in the medical community..I can tell you that pretty much NO doctor out there is comfortable with the terms "never" or "always"...therefore there is the conservative nature of placing a "near-zero" risk on oral sex.

Neither doc in the expert forum has EVER come accross a person infected by oral sex....either in their practice, or on this site.  Also...the few "cases" floating out there that are people "supposedly" infected in this manner are both unverified, not to mention inreliable, as other risk factors could easily have been "omitted".  If HIV was transmitted this way....the population of HIV + people would be staggering.  It simply is NOT an easy virus to transmit...quite difficult as a matter of fact.

Sooooo, therefore, the "risk" of getting HIV from GIVING oral sex is about as likely as you getting struck by lightning with the winning PowerBall lotto ticket in your hand, while riding in the Goodyear Blimp, as it is on FIRE.  And, you were the RECEIVER...Got it?

As far as thrush goes...if you were placed on antibiotics for the other symptoms, then there is your answer.  Even without atb's...thrush is still quite common.  Completely benign condition that is not indicative of anything serious most of the time...a lot of medications cause thrush, as do other day to day factors.

You cannot convince me that you had a risk, and quite frankly..I wish I could convice YOU that you didn't...but like all of the others, you will most likely have to wait, get tested, and see your NEG result to believe the posters here.
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if someone has oral sex 10,000 he has 1 chance of becoming infected ?

Forgot to address this...yes..pretty much..and don't say that YOU will be that "1"...it aint going to happen.

Also...that figure is most likely on the conservative side as it is.
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oh i see , that makes sense.

Nurse, how about the fact that other bacteria was passed from the mouth. As mention, I had a gonorrhea , would that increase the risk ?
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MOVE ON. You did not have a risk of contracting HIV by oral sex.
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Bacteria and Viruses are worlds apart.....like comparing apples and oranges.

And, no....having any other STD won't increase a non-existent risk.

I'm with teak here, in that it is time to move on and put this behind you.
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