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Multiple Shingles & HIV

I'm a 55 year old heterosexual male who has had multiple sex partners.  I've always used a condom, but can't vouch for correct use each time.

In October I broke out with shingles, which was treated and remedied within a couple of weeks.  A month later I broke out again in a separate location on my body.  

I informed my GP, who ordered a tests, including a blood count.  His office called today, but I can't return his call until his office reopens on Monday.  I'm concerned.  

This forum has provided a lot of consolation....obviously that's what I'm looking for.  Can you assess my risk of a positive diagnosis with the limited information I've provided?
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Where were you shingles?
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first episode on the left side of my back.

second episode on the right side of my neck.
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Did the condom fail?
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No failure, but I can't vouch for total coverage.  
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All that has to be covered is the head of your penis as for the singles you are in the age group to contract shingles and shingles are not HIV specific. The only thing is you have to have had chickenpoxs at some time to contract shigles.
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Many thanks, Teak.

Also, another question that's been bothering me is the time lag between hiv initial exposure and a shingles outbreak.  I've seen sites that indicate it's one of the first indicators of hiv while others indicate it takes years to appear.  

Can you clear the confusion?
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You didn't have a risk of contracting HIV so the shingles have nothing to do with it.
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Thanks for your help over the past 72 hours.  It was a rough patch for me, made smoother by your advice.

All the best to you.
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