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Multiple opportunistic infections and HIV negative tests

 I am male aged 26 from India. I had high risk sexual exposure (first and only) with a prostitute 17 months ago (in July 2013).
 The prostitute was 99.9% having AIDS. She looked very wasted (thin and weak) and was having vaginal yeast infection (thick vaginal discharge with foul smell). She also had a hump on neck.
 She slept over my body and rubbed her vagina to my penis WITHOUT the condom. After this, I had protected vaginal sex. I also had some microscopic cuts on my groin due to shaving previous day.
(PS this is the what I posted on medhelp on that fateful day: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/Worried-after-protected-sex/show/1983787#post_9334614 )

After this exposure, I have been getting various opportunistic infections continuously as below:-
1. Severe Pulmonary Tuberculosis:
• I got severe TB, 6 months after this exposure. I had to take AKT for 10 months.
• I had fever for 2 months even AFTER starting AKT (unusual according to doctors)
• Total 2 liters of Pleural fluid was removed 3 times in 3 weeks (unusual according to doctors)
• I have Permanent scar on my left lung due to pleural thickening.
2.  Recurrent Fungal Infections at multiple sites (given below) for 16 months (ongoing) and NOT clearing with treatment:
• Groin (Jock Itch) •  Penis head (Balanitis)
• Finger-nail •  Stomach & Waistline
• Arms and legs       •  Under-arms & Elbows
• White tongue (Oral Thrush) •  Neck (Hair Folliculitis)
3.  Recurrent Diarrhea, else soft stool; burning and itching at stool.
4.  Numbness in arms and legs. For eg. When sitting or standing in one position for 1-2 minutes.
5.  Body ache, fatigue, weakness, malaise, feverish feeling, back pain, chest pain.
6.  Allergic Rhinitis, Viral URTI, fat deposition on stomach.
Medications I am taking / taken:
• Anti TB - Rifampicin, Isoniazid, Ethambutol, Pyrazinamide (Feb 2014 - Nov 2014)
• Anti fungal - Terbinafine , Hydroxizine, Clotrimazole, Fluconazole, Amorolfine, Sertaconazole
• Anti Rhinitis – Fluticasone nasal spray, Allegra tablets
• Other - Azithromycin, Sporolac, Pyridoxine
Tests I have taken so far:
• HIV I&II ELISA, CMIA, WESTERN BLOT, P24 - NEGATIVE for 16 months (8 tests)
• Diabetes, VDRL, HbsAg, HCV - NEGATIVE after 8 months of exposure.
• CD4 counts & cd4/cd8 ratios - 500-700 & 1.4-1.6 (3 tests in 10 months)
 I am convinced that I have got AIDS. Recurrent Invasive Fungal infections, Tuberculosis, recurrent diarrhea, low cd4 counts (500-700) are all proofs signs of 1st stage of AIDS. I suspect I might have-
• a rare/new strain of HIV
• delayed sero-conversion (US CDC has documented such cases)
• new undiscovered virus which can cause *HIV negative AIDS  (US CDC has documented such cases)
 I want to do further tests and investigation. Whom can I contact? Are there any organizations doing research on HIV negative AIDS? Can you advise any further tests for me? Thank you.
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Also it's worth noting that since you are so worried about that sexual encounter, guilt might be the culprit to anxiety and stress. However, you should still go to see a doctor if you are not feeling well. But as far as HIV, 8 tests after 3 months (99% conclusive) and 6months (beyond CDC guideline) you don't have it.
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Hey rrockford, 8 tests after the window periods are more than enough. I'm pretty sure even Pr. Montagnier who discovered HIV would agree. Also, I hope you do realize that there is something than can cause far worse discomfort and malaise to your body other than the HIV virus and that my friend is "your brain and its nervous system". Anxiety and stress, in some severe and extreme cases, can send you straight to death than HIV can cause complications leading to AIDS to send you in an emergency room. Do your own research on how bad anxiety can have a toll on your body when your brain is convincing it "FALSELY OF COURSE" that it's the end of the world. Here is a link that you can check out if you want:

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I know it must be upsetting and frustrating.  Not having a good doctor who can give you an answer to what is going on.  But I think you have your answer.  You don't have HIV.  You have (had) TB.

Your CD4 number is in the normal range.   You have had negative HIV tests.   An OI occurs because CD4 is low -- well below 500.  So, it doesn't make sense that you have been told you have immune problems.

Sounds like she might have had TB and you caught it.  TB is highly contagious and even very healthy people can get TB.   It's not an STD.  You can be in the same room and they can give it to you.   Perhaps that's why she was "wasting" not HIV.  Also there are antibiotic resistant forms of TB.  This is a better explanation for why you need a second treatment.  

I had a friend from India who got TB.  He didn't have HIV.  He just got it because TB is more common in India.

As far as your yeast, if you've been put on antibiotics you can get yeast.  Lot of people do and they don't have HIV.   This is why doctors recommend probiotics or at least eating real yogurt.  

And when your bowel ecology goes out, you can develop a lot of other symptoms. Remember, 80% of your immune system is in your bowl.  You would do well to take probiotics, eat good vegetables, and take things like Tumeric, Tulsi, licorish to help boost your body's immune system.   Focus on just getting healthy, again.

Also, wether you want to admit it to yourself or not, you are under a lot of stress.  Stress can cause a lot of problems in the body.  Even when you're not sick, stress can make you feel sick.  

Also, you don't have non-HIV AIDS.  So if you look for a clinic outside of Inida, it won't be much help.  

Yes the CDC has reported  non-HIV AIDS.  But that diagnosis is only when your CD4 count is below 300.   You are 500+.   Your CD4/CD8 ratio is normal.  It's suppose to be greater than 1.  So you wouldn't be diagnosed with AIDS by any doctor in the US or Europe.  So the CDC wouldn't say you have non-HIV AIDS.

Have you been tested for  Syphilis? It is know to cause bizarre symptoms.  By the way, you haven't mentioned any symptoms consistent with Syphilis, but I'm just saying you are more likely to have that from your incidence than HIV.  

Do you have someone you can just "talk" to.  Tell them about your problems?
Why don't you PM me.  
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Lets look at my case in this way:
1. It is proved according to science and tests, that I don't have HIV. Okay.
2. It is also proven that my immunity has decreased considerably and rapidly after this exposure (OI's and cd4 numbers are the proofs)
3. You tell me to work with my physician. Well, I have been to pulmonologist, hematologist, HIV experts, Infection diseases experts, venerologists, radiologist, pathologists, dermatologist for all the different symptoms I am experiencing. No any one doctor is able to give me a complete picture, as they are all specialist.
4. Furthermore, all they do is treat the symptoms. THEY ARE NOT able to tell me WHY am I getting these OI's repeatedly. In effect, they are not able to tell me the underlying cause of this immune deficiency. That's why I want the names of any research organizations whom I can contact. (Public hospitals in India are worst than Africa, believe me.)
Do you know any such organisations or contact persons I can get in touch with?
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Well, since we both agree this not an HIV issue, then perhaps you need to try a different forum. This is an HIV Prevention forum and no one here is going to be able to comment on, or diagnose your symptoms here. You ask me what I would do. I would be working closely with my physician and would trust the science and the tests. There is nothing anyone here can do for you.
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Reality check:
1. Pulmonary TB is not something that is caused my over thinking or anxiety.
2. Invasive yeast infection is not something that is caused by anxiety.
3. Both the above conditions occur in case of immune deficiency.(This is proven FACT).

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Exactly that is what I want to do now. OK, just leave aside HIV/AIDS, at least do you have any qualms in accepting that my immunity has decreased considerably after this exposure? And just curious, what would have you done if you were in my shoes? My yeast is not clearing for 16 months. I really have no clue why my immunity should decrease so rapidly. Obviously, the finger points to HIV.
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It is quite obvious that you have convinced yourself that you have HIV/AIDS despite overwhelming proof that you have not. Neither myself, nor anyone else on this forum will even begin to speculate on what may be going on with you. As I stated earlier, and Teak on your original post...you had NO risk to begin with (frottage is NOT a risk, either), and your multiple tests PROVE, without a doubt, that you do not have HIV. However, if you are convinced you are unique, and are the first person to have AIDS without contracting HIV, then perhaps you should contact a local medical university or research hospital. I am sure they would be quite intrigued at the possibility to study such a rare case.
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Thanks for replying Midnight_Sun, but this is exactly NOT the kind of reply I was expecting. Indeed, now I have gone beyond worrying whether I have HIV or not. And please take a look at my infections and their severity. TB, Invasive yeast for 16 months, recurrent diarrhea, weakness, body ache and what not. I think you have not gone through my post thoroughly. If you ask me, honestly, I am damn angry and actually pissed of at  our doctors, experts and medical community in general. For the simple reason that you guys are not even having an open mind to consider that I am having all the classic opportunistic infections (mind you I am using the word Infections, and not symptoms) of intial stage of AIDS. And then have a look at my cd4 counts. They co-relate. I have stated that I had UN-PROTECTED frottage with this wasted prostitute. Honestly, I just want to know if I can approach any organization who can do research on my serum and find out this virus or what ever has entered my system.
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Your multiple (8) negative and CONCLUSIVE HIV test results override any symptoms you are having. Further, you state that you engaged in protected sex with this prostitute, which means you did NOT put yourself at risk of acquiring HIV. Whatever medical issues you are experiencing are NOT a result of an HIV infection. In fact, due to this being protected sex, you had NO medical reason to test. You are seriously over thinking this, and I believe are actually suffering from anxiety and possibly guilt over your actions. I would strongly recommend seeking out a qualified mental health professional to help you with your troubles. Just know that HIV is not one of them.
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