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Must Read For Worried Wells with NO RISK and Symptoms, And a big thanks to all

First off, thanks to everyone out there that helps on this forum, you guys and gals are GREAT for what you do!  Finally accepting my no risk situation with the help of a therapist!  Sorry I posted so much on anxiety related issues.  Just thought I'd post something to help others, then I'm getting off this forum and offline!  Cause I know if I don't I'm sure to find something more and then the whole vicious cycle starts over again!  Hope this helps some people out there who have symptoms popping up without a real risk:

Just thought I'd throw this out there, hopefully it will help some of you.  I was a previous worried well with a NO RISK analysis and with negative tests to back that up.  Yet I could not get it out of my mind that I'd been infected!  I eventually I'd begun to show numerous symptoms.  Even at times where I thought I'd begun to calm down, a new symptom popped up!  I had it all, night sweats, aching muscles, rashes up one side and down the other!  Then to top it off, the worlds WORST sore throat.  All signs pointed to infection, I knew in my mind I was infected.  But the reality was I am not infected.  I really had no risk to speak of!  Furthermore, my tests proved it.  Then I started to go to therapy for my anxiety and my therapist reminded me of a study that my dad had actually told me he'd heard about it psychology class in college.  It's as follows:

We all know how powerful the mind is.  But sometimes we don't understand the full extent to which our brain interacts with our bodies.  During WWII Britain conducted an experiment on captured German POWs.  The Germans were shown the scolding hot irons with which they were about to be tortured.  The prisoners were then blindfolded.  The Brits swapped the irons with ice cubes, and then touched the germans with them briefly, as if torturing them for information.  THEIR SKIN BURNED AS IF IT HAD BEEN TOUCHED WITH HOT COALS!  In their minds they knew they were going to be burn with hot irons, and their bodies gave the reaction their mind expected!  So before you freak out about all your symptoms when you've got NO RISK, think about that and take a breather.  Of course, anxiety doesn't just go away, but think of that story when you seek out your symptoms, they might well be subconsciously produced.  Oh, and don't EVER go online and look up symptoms, you'll find them, then the others might just show up as well!
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