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Mutual masturbation URGENT

Can somebody please let me know if you know something about this particular case?


I know mutual masturbation is safe sex even in the presence of fluids. How come there was a reported case and everybody is saying it is no risk at all?

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One case out of the millions of HIV cases.  No one here is going to tell you that masturbation/fluids are a risk based on ONE case, from 1988, which cannot even be verified to be the true method of transmission.

You might as well fear being trampled by a herd of elephants while trying to dodge a falling meteorite.
This is similar to my case and although I know that it is irrational, I can't help but wonder about that 1 in a million. This is scary.
If you are to get over the fear take a look at the link below and realize AIDS isn't even on the chart. Look up your age and see all the other things on the chart that can actually get you, next time you are worrying about something that is physically impossible to die from. http://www.businessinsider.com/the-most-common-cause-of-death-at-every-age-2014-5
I suffered every single "symptom" of ars approximately 2 weeks after my incident. I don't believe in coincidences. The only comfort I have is these people saying that it can't occur outside the body.
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That was from 1988.
Given that the advancements in testing, treatment and knowledge of the transmission of HIV we have today, indeed that once outside of the body the changes in the temperature and exposure render the virus unable to infect. Transmission requires inside the body for it to be a risk as well as the air right space of a needle.
This is another reason why I advise people to try to stop researching on the web. There is a lot of data that is agenda driven or , like in this case, out of date and not up to the current standards of knowledge of the virus.
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Well what I am trying to point out here is that........when people access risks......do they take into account the prevalence and the viral load?

For example a person having an incident in South Africa is not the same as somebody having an incident in England or the US. This is because of prevalence.....in SA HIV is much more an issue.

Also the viral load has to be taken into account. I don't know when people say that mutual masturbation is not a risk in the presence of vaginal/semen as lube whether they take into account the viral load?

Same in the case of giving oral....if someone is giving oral to a guy who then ejaculates in that someone's mouth, if the viral load is high....there is a risk..................what do you think people?

If you look in the article below, one can see that there has been documented cases of hiv transmission via oral sex.

I agree with the others..Whenever an assessment is given, we always assume that the other party HAS HIV and is VERY contagious which covers the issue of prevalence and viral load.

The cases you mention, yes, they were reported. Verified, investigated upon and confirmed, NO.

If masturbation and oral sex is indeed a risk, there will be new cases all the time. Strengthened by the FACT that the virus is made invalid once outside the body as the outer protein layer is quickly damaged. A damaged virus is a useless virus.  It cannot latch on to the target cells. The mouth is also a very hostile place for the virus as well. Saliva quickly damages the virus and can't infect.

Studies and knowledge on HIV and its workings has come a long way now. After millions of cases and studies done on them, many of the rumoured cases have been debunked.

Be well.
Thanks Man
What about hiv surviving in a wet, enclosed space such as a tight fist used for masturabtion. Any chance that that virus can still infect then? Can water allow the virus to live longer. I know that water contains oxygen as well.
No. I doesn't survive.
Sorry.. Meant to say. It doesn't survive.
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