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My GF's HIV symptoms

K, so i'm a total piece of **** and i recently (2 months ago) cheated on my gf with a prostitute while really really drunk one night here in Ottawa.  To add to my piece of ****ness I didnt use a condom for the whole session, so there was some skin on skin vaginal contact.  Now two months later, after having a regular urine STI test that came up clear it has occured to me that I should be worried about HIV as well.
While i have not really shown too many symptoms other then a fever with some night sweats 2 weeks ago, i am worried that my gf could be showing some of the symptoms.  The one thing that really set me off is that this month she had a really light menstrual cycle that according to her has been quite regular for years.  Another is that she has had a drop in appetite that is also usually quite strong.
From what I have read is that it is uncommon for guys to get HIV from girls in single contact situations, but i'm worried that i could have done the unthinkable and passed it from the prostitute to me to her... I would just kill myself if i ever did anything like that to her.  Please tell me what to think and if there might be any other reasons for her symptoms like that
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what is skin on skin vaginal contact?  
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Its vaginal sex without a condom...
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what does her having a light period have to do with hiv infection?  NOTHING

you can test in another month for a conclusive result.
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for your peace of mind u can go for test now of as LIZZIE said go for .....12 weeks test for conclusive result.
i am damn sure ur safe.....as what u indicated.
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there is no way that someone can be "damn sure" that you did not contract hiv from this encounter.

the odds are difinitely with you...but there is no guarantee.

test to know your status
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well i was just worried that it was that her body was sick and that was causing her period to be really light.  
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