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My HIV test is neither clear positive nor clear negative

I am a male, currently living in sweden.
I had unprotected sex 6 months ago (In january) with my girlfriend who is chinese. After 2 months (Early march)  I had a sore throat. In early may, while i was having sex the condom broke and I ejaculated inside my girlfriend. After 2 weeks i Had unprotected anal sex for a short duration with my girlfriend but we did not experience any blood at any moment (before, during or after). Doctor now in first week of june, i again have a sore throat. and its not going away, its been 7 days now. With some skin rash in first week of may. when I first talked to a nurse in a hospital, she told me it is due to my dry skin, and she can not relate my skin rash with the sore throat.

Afterwards I went to a doctor for consultation. I have the flu like symptoms as well so I asked the doctor to take my HIV test. Today when I got the results the results are "The test is neither clear positive nor clear negative, please take the test again after 2 or 3 weeks"

Please tell me does this mean that I have HIV? I know the report says that it is not clear but i never had sex before january and i never had any blood transfussions as well. I didnt take any injections(related to vaccinations) in the last 1 year, atleast.

If in this case, I should have received a clear negative, if I don't have HIV. does this mean that i have HIV, meaning if i take a new test after 2 or 3 weeks, it will come positive. Please tell me?

My girlfriend just had 1 boyfriend before. And my girlfriend is healthy. She never had any blood transfusions. She had unprotected sex with her ex- twice. Her ex-boyfriend had sex just with her as it was their first relationship for both of them.

I am really worried....
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no it doesnt mean that you have hiv...more than likely just a glitch somewhere.

i see no reason why you should wait 2-3 more weeks for another test.  it has been 6 months since your exposure and a conclusive result can be obtained at 3 months.

test to know your status...
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ask for  pcr rna test
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He doesn't need a PCR-RNA test he's out of the window period. A simple rapid test would be enough.
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But what you think what hepened with his test and how it is posible to be like he wrote?Maybe  my english not good  to understend everything but his post realy confuse.
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his post is NOT confusing...he simply needs to test again.
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Ok lizzie but why  his  exposure was 6 months ago.Why his test not good.why dr told him  to  test in 3 weeks time,it is confuse me.thanks for answer
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the test result has NOTHING to do with the time frame.

move along...
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thanks guys. i really hope and wish it comes as negative.. hmmm
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Seems you got an indeterminate HIV antibody test, the right course from here is to take another anti-body test and if it comes back indeterminate again, follow it up with a western blot test.
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Well thankgod, the tests came clear now, with the doctor advice that i should stop taking tests :). But I must say, when I was worried, I felt that I had just all the symptoms
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Congratulations on the negative :)
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