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My Mistake.Help me..

I'm a 26 yr old male and had a supposed exposure to HIV (insertive vaginal sex) on January 4, 2008.  Following which I had started with PEP, Zidovudine 300 mg + Lamivudine 150 mg, for 6 weeks. The PEP started within 36 - 48 hours of   exposure.  Since, I couldn't afford to the expensive PCR tests, I decided to wait for 3 months after completion of PEP to go for an ELISA test. Today, June 17, 2008 I had given the sample for testing and will have the results by tomorrow. My apprehensions are at its peak and I am absolutely stressed. I am in Mumbai, India and am unable to sleep at this late hours. I remain praying and surfing for more information if I am diagnosed positive. My question is how much can I rely on the ELISA test ? I had learned, for a person who had administered PEP, the seroconversion could be considerably delayed and could even take 1 year to show the ELISA test positive even though he might be infected with HIV and PEP was a failure. How true is this ? Let me thank you beforehand for the help.
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Sorrry bud, PEP is only given for 28 days.
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Agreed, but the HIV counselling organization i have approached prescribed it for 6 weeks and I religiously followed it. I couldn't recall any severe symptoms for the past 5 months except a flu which went off its own without any medications and a itchy area (no visible rashes) below my neck, left arm, and below my left thigh. If it's just for 4 weeks, then why would they recommend it for 6 weeks. I could name the organization and the doctor who prescribed it, if needed, and they are into HIV counselling here in Mumbai for the past 8 years. They claim to have been monitoring 190 HIV positive cases in our locality.
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I personally would find another doctor that actually knew about HIV treatment and PEP. I suppose the same people told you that seroconversion could take a year after taking PEP? Find another doctor. 3 months after your last dose of PEP is when you can get your conclusive result.
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Whats up bro..Mumbai India, rocks..Was your protected or unprotected sex ?

Who was the girl ?

Where was the ladki from  ?

No offense to this, are you able afford medicine in India, do you make enough money ?
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The girl was a friend of my cousin, she is an escort (I was told that she is an escort after the act, she was hired by my cousin for the party). It started off as a protected sex but later she  tampered the condom with her finger nail (I think so, I was drunk and doesn't recall correctly).  I had ejaculated inside her, following which I realized that there had been an accident. Couldn't locate her after that and not sure of her HIV status.
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I'd say your risk is somewhere around medium to medium-low level. Remember that you are NOT certain of her hiv status at this point, but the fact that the exposure very limited seems to me you stand a very good chance of not contracting hiv, as a guess.
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I forgot to ask you about noticing any blood -or- vaginal fluid during intercourse.
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How accurate is an ELISA at 6 weeks.
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Most people test positive between 6-8 weeks but the conclusive test is 3 months.

Balakinmumbai, unprotected vaginal sex is not considered a medium risk. They only give PEP for HIGH risks not medium risks.
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risks high to low...
-anal/ iv -high
At least that's the way i've been reading it, is this wrong, because i've seen it posted as such on here and other sites, in this order.

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Move on Chapeau, there is no such risk as MEDIUM. There his HIGH, LOW and NO. Don't start posting you BS again.
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The CDC lists these risk factors as presented in various news articles, so i'll take THEIR word. Some sexual acts and activities DO pose a greater rate of hiv infection than others.
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There wasn't any blood.  Ofcourse vaginal fluids were there and I was exposed to that....Being not circumsized, I have twice the risk when compared to those who have it circumsized.  I really thank you for enlisting the risk levels and thank you Teak for confirming that my ELISA test result which I would get today could be conclusive. God will help all those who are keen to help others.. And you all had helped me. Will come again after the results. If positive, .......I don't know but it won't be the end of everything.
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Okay, Balakinmumbai, take care, i think you are going to be fine.
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NO where did you see medium or medium low. Quit posting BS on this forum.
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Tell if you think unprotected anal sex is more, less, or equally as risky as vaginal intercourse? Basically where do you rank them then? We have ranked them here before, so i don't know what you complaining about because you know you can't find fault in the ranking order i provided. If you want to challenge it post...
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Finally, I got my ELISA test results. After 24 weeks of exposure and 18 weeks after the last dose of PEP the ELISA test result is NEGATIVE.   Could you please tell me how reliable the results are ? The moment before collecting the report, my prayer was not to have a false positive or a false negative. I was praying and literally trembling while opening the  envelope. Can anyone help me out whether I could rely on the results and stay calm that I am HIV negative. Anyway, will go for another test after 3 more months.
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Kya tume chenta kar te ho ?? Your good , play safe bhai saab.

Om Shanti
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A risk is a risk. Be it high, medium, low or theoretical.

I think you are in good shape !
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A "supposed" exposure to HIV. You "think" she tampered with the condom with her finger nail?

Come on man. Get real.  Find something actually worth your time to worry about.
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