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My sister is a prostitute and may have HIV, NONBIAS answers please

My Sibling is a prostitute she is very careless and a dirty person she does not clean up anything let alone flush the toilet she has not been tested but she mentioned a fungus in her mouth... is she HIV positive can she catch AIDS immediately from her sexual carelessness. Will I catch it by sharing a toilet she has mental illness but its hard to tell by just speaking with her. What should I clean up the house with. She catches her period but like I said she is careless and really messy. I need someone that doesn't have a STD or have been exposed to to answer because all the posts I have seen have a BIAS.  Some siblings are and too often to familiar with personal space please tell me the truth! About my risks.
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None of the posts you have seen have a bias.  Scientific facts are not "biased."  

You cannot get HIV from someone just because they are dirty.  You cannot tell if someone has HIV because of how clean or unclean they are.  

While there is no way to determine if your sister has HIV or not, you cannot get HIV from sharing a living space with her.   HIV is transmitted by having unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse, or by sharing intravenous needles with other people.  You will not get HIV any other way.
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hiv is dead in air and saliva so you don't have to take any precautions to protect yourself from dead virus. In fact oral sex is not a risk for hiv because of the above so if she always uses a condom for vaginal or anal she has no risk.
Only non sexual risk is quickly sharing hollow needles that you use to inject with so you should move on from hiv fears.
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