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My testing (response to Xhosts comment)

"UKGirl, glad to hear you are trying to make arrangements for your test, though it definitely sounds like your own anxiety levels have dropped off a bit even without it. If true, good for you."

Hope you are all well.

I still haven't got tested, it's very difficult to get an appointment at my hospital-I may have to pay for a private test. I am in a new relationship now so I really do need to test now as I am freaking out everytime we have sex that I may infect him. Even though protection is always used there may come a time when it is not....

My anxirty levels have dropped slightly but I am still very worried about my symptoms. The only thing that helps is the fact I did have a nameley low risk but because I am such a worry well I fear I may be the one who could be infected by such a low risk. I am trying to concentrate on when I have the symptoms, such as tingling and if it is at times when I feeling nervous or thinking about HIV and although they do seem to be more so apparant at those times I do get also get them at other random times.

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For God's sake woman, get tested already!
It's been far too long, and I'm sure you're worrying over nothing!
Have you thought about counselling? If you worry too much about everything, you need to address that.
I don't think it has anything to do with waiting times. You're afraid to get tested, which is ridiculous because you're worrying so much. Have the definitive test NOW which will undoubtedly be negative:)
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Perhaps you didnt read what I said properly
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hey there, im glad your a new relationship now, and are having protected sex. all in all, you know your negative. i tested on my 32 week, past 7 mos,neg. i did it so i can finally be free.your at about 7-8 mos. girl i know youll be ok. when your ready, just give us a holler..i know it will be a yeepykayaaee
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Does your new boyfriend know about your hiv obsession?  Perhaps you should go get tested b/c I don't think you will be able to keep this obsession swept under the carpet for long.  He will think your a wack a doo if ever goes on line & reads your posts.  I don't know why you are being so stubborn about this test. You have been complaining about your *symptoms* for months; ever since I can remember.  I'm sure you could have scheduled at least 20 tests in that time frame.

Regardless, You are not infected so either test or forget about it altogether.
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I totally feel your pain. I was once in those VERY shoes and I know testing is very, very scary. I understand. BUT, more than likely (and I know it can be hard to believe) you are HIV negative. And inorder to put this behind you suck it up and get tested. YOULL BE FINE!!! I PROMISE and if you need someone to talk..lemme know and you can e-mail me. I know it can be hard to believe even with my 7 week negative I couldnt believe it but its so. And it will be so for you too!!! :)
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Ah, well, I see something I said actually made it into someone's head. I always wonder if it does or not.

Scared, you know you aren't infected with HIV. At least, I think you do. So what are you really so afraid of? What is it that's got you so flummoxed? OK, so you think you might have something. Go get a test and stop punishing yourself. You don't deserve it, no matter what you may have done. Trust me little British worried well, you do not deserve whatever you are putting yourself through. So, stop it, and stop it now. Stop punishing yourself.
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