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Myriad of HIV symptoms

Moved this from another forum.
In early January I came down with a shingles infection (I'm only 24) - this was at the same time I was traveling to Thailand.  I saw a doctor in Thailand and was prescribed acyclovir (did not help).
Shortly after my shingles began to erupt (unrelated), I had an unprotected insertive vaginal exposure to a female sex worker.  I only intended to hang out with her and her friends and grab dinner, unfortunately I had let myself get too inebriated.  One thing led to another and I came to my senses shortly after I had penetrated her (roughly a minute, maybe less) and pulled out.  
5 days after exposure: rolling fevers, fatigue, sleeping 12-14 hours a night, night sweats, cuts on gumline of two teeth, diarrhea - symptoms resolved after 8 days
17 days after exposure: tender swollen axilary and cervical lymph nodes, went down in 4 days
19 days after exposure:swollen lymph node under ear, intermittent diarrhea persisted until day 19
19 days after exposure: Had a CBC and rapid HIV - CBC normal, HIV negative
21 days after exposure: Swollen spleen, became full quickly when eating, spleen remained uncomfortably swollen for 2 weeks, visible series of capillaries under sternum, 3 petechiae on chest and abdomen
5 weeks post exposure: Series of night sweats and mild sore throat, transient itchy rash on chest and abdomen that would come and go in matter of minutes to hours
45 days now and my symptoms have gone.  The rash comes and goes in a matter of about 45 minutes, sometimes it's splotchy and not itchy, sometimes it's itchy and solid.  It tends to show up in the evening.

Have you seen a similar presentation in your experience?  I can only imagine it being acute HIV infection or mono.  

I will be testing at 8 weeks (next week).  I have not seen a doctor since 19 days post exposure due to concerns about my confidentiality.  Unfortunately I am overseas at the moment.  I am traveling to another country for an assessment.  I am aware that I am risking my health by doing so.
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ars symptoms come at 2-4 weeks after infection and last for 1-2 weeks.  they come at once...not one after another over a period of time.

it is unlikely that you contracted hiv from one minute of unprotected sex...BUT...the only way to know your status is by testing.

good luck
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I just came back negative on 33 day post exposure test (mail-in HomeAccess)  - I was feeling better about it all until a lymph node in my cheek decided to pop up.  I'll be testing this coming week (8 weeks post exposure) and if I'm negative I'll be seeing an internist.  Something is not right here.  Unilateral lymph nodes that keep popping up all over is not normal.
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Lymph nodes do not pop.
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How about 'swell' up - semantics I guess.
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