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     Hey everyone who has read my posts and responded with encouragement, just wanted to inform you all that I received the results for my 7 week HIV Anti-body Test today and they came back Non-Reactive. I guess the only real important interpretation to make of that is that my results were NEGATIVE!! I could have gotten no greater news. Part of me believed that I was not possitive, but that nagging fear is so overwhelming. I had no realistic reason to fear being positive as my exposure was very brief, also because I had no reason to believe that there was even any exposure at all as I do not know that my friend was HIV+ or not. She said she was not, so again, fear just has a way of making its presence known.

     As I've said on a number of posts, I learned a lot from this experience. I've really question my present position and learned what is really important to me. I had the opportunity to gain perspective that I could never have "truly" gained otherwise. Before, I could not imagine how people live this everyday, but they do and they make it and some of them excel. So I look at these results as a new lease on life and a new opportunity to chase the goals that I was allowing to slip too far away from me.

     I do intend to test again at 12 weeks, but for now I feel confident with my results. I probably still won't be a stranger to the site, but I'm definitely cured of my fear of infection and intend to truly learn from this. I practiced abstinance before and never bought condoms, because I feared they would lead to temptation, but now I see that temptation can come to you even when you aren't looking for it, so I will keep condoms just to be safe.... Besides, at 24 I have the right to.

     Once again, thanks to all and I couldn't be more happy right now. WorriedKelly, I'm also looking forward to hearing of your NEGATIVE results.... Good Luck My Friend!
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congrats on the negative result :)
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Thanks Lizzie
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HansrowSenoj .... CONGRATS on your NEGATIVE RESULT!
Hoping to get some good news soon too!  Please keep your fingers crossed for me!
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First congratulate for being negative to you, HansrowSenoj . I was ready your post and every time i read i pray for both of you . I had one incident in my life 2 years ago , according to Teak and Xhost my exposure was completely protected and i don't need testing at all. However the fear and stress i have been going through since 2 years is tremendous . I started anti depressant , diagnose Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's which is auto immune disorder  when my doctor diagnose me last year first thing he asked are you in stress that can cause all kind of problems.
I am still in stress now i tried to stop Cymbalta , the with drawal symtoms are killing me these days . I am keeping my finger cross for WorriedKelly and pray for you .
Please keep me in your prayers as well, i don't know i am unable to gather courage to do test.
I know that one stupid incident changed my life completely i learn lot with my mistake..Well we all are human  and human is meant to do mistakes.
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rohit_786 ... thank you for including me in your prayers and thoughts!  Must say this waiting is killing me, but I suppose 'no news, is good news"
I know we all live in fear and stress, but I'm sure we'll all get through this one way or another.  We just have to deal with our emotions and worries gradually and hopefully come out better people.  Take care and prayers to you all
Does anyone know how long an HIV test can take to come back?
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Hi rohit, thanks for your post and your prayers. I think one of the most reassuring parts of this experience has been the fact that you really aren't alone in it. Even when you think that there is noone there, there is always someone who relates or is concerned. From your comment it sounds as you have not tested for HIV.... You said that you are unable to gather the courage to do the test. I think that if you had it by now your doctor may have suggested it so I suppose you are clear, but I hope that you will find a way to get beyond the stress. I never realised how much of a physical effect stress could have on the body until this experience. I feel that I may still be feeling some of the lingering effects. There is just such a hieghtend awareness of everything that is going on in your body and you don't know how to lose that awareness even after a negative test result.

Like you said, we are all human and make mistakes.... Its somewhat unfortunate that some mistakes carry such a heavy toll. Thanks once again for your post and for your prayers. I hope and will pray that you too will get past your situation and return to a healthy, stress free life.... If there is such a thing as "stress free".
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I couldn't agree with you more HansrowSenoj!  Making a mistake is big enough, but to go through this anxiety and worry about something as huge as this really takes a toll on your mental and physical health.  I know for the last couple of months I've spent hours on the internet exploring HIV, transmission routes, symptoms ... etc and checking my body for any signs or symptoms that are related.  At the end of the day, you've got to ask yourself ... is this all worth the stress you're having and isn't it better to know either which way if you have it or not.  I know I was terribly scared about going to have the test done, but it's done now and I just have to wait it out for the results.  Hoping all is okay and please rohit, just go and have the test done - the stress just isn't worth it!
Take care and good luck.
I know I'm still waiting for my results and it's killing me!
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I really agree the stress is really not worth it but the fear of  result outcome is really killing me which infact add lot of stress.Here is my post below


I am not sure my incident is really risky one or i am exaggerating but in any case avoid of not to do really add hurdle in my life and stop my future plans. All i think all the time is guilt /fear of losing family . I don't know ladies i just kind deal with this kind of stress and one point i even tried to commit suicide which is really not a solution but my mental condition and day by day symptoms of small things make me think it is HIV for sure ,
Your guys moral support is really awesome , that is the reason i sent out post for differential analysis so i can gather courage to done with this testing .
i pray for you WorriedKelly , your result will be negative and then you are worry free and move on in your family life , please pray for me.
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rohit_786, I tend to agree with what Teak said to you:

You had protected sex and you were never at risk for HIV. What you should do, is seek the help of a mental health professional and get to the bottom of your unwarranted worries.

They say that protected sex is protected.  My concern is that I never used any protection with the lady when we had oral sex - always have this nagging feeling in my head - what if there was blood or vaginal secretions involved.  Would this be more of a risk.  We are all human, so don't beat yourself about it, but rather try and forget about the error and move forward!

You know what I honestly think!  You need to go and have the test done, put this behind you ... what ever the outcome is and get on with life.  This is what I'm trying to do and with all that I've done ---- hoping for the best!
Take care and please pray for a good result!
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It's now 2pm on Friday afternoon and I still haven't heard anything.
Do you think there's a need for concern or maybe they are just binding time on how to tell me?  I'm so scared that I can concentrate, eat or sleep.
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You didn't have a risk and have been told that by all the forums you have been on. It takes up to two weeks to get a result back.
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