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Nausea after sex

Hello. I recently had sex with a new partner two times only. Since the second time, I have been having nausea. Both times a condom was used but is it possible that it broke? I saw him remove the condom both times but I am afraid there was a small hole in it that may have caused semen to enter in me. Is nausea an early sign? Should I be tested?
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Condom breakages are evident. The fact that you are guessing; it might have broken only means that it didn't happen. Also, pin holes are a myth. If there is a tear, the whole condom will rip apart, that's how the structure of latex is, it is not polythene that can stay intact with pin/punch holes.

You seem to be describing something that is synonymous to HIV anxiety and perhaps, such concerns need an attention of a therapist.

You were never at risk for transmission and do not need to test.

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Hello but I am nauseous. Would this not explain it?
No, it doesn't conclude to HIV because you were never at risk for transmission. If you are feeling nauseated, see a GP for proper diagnosis, perhaps it could be some other microbial infection. I am sure you are aware, the world is dealing with a few other viruses at this point especially, the COVID-19. So, if you are really undergoing such symptoms, it would be a good idea to see your GP. HIV is not your problem.

While I don't think nausea is common with Covid, it's still possible you do have that or some other virus.  Have you asked this person if he's sick?  It's also possible you ate something that made you sick.  Lots of things out there can cause nausea, but it wasn't the sex.  Unless having sex with this person was, uh, really gross!  But I agree that if you're that hyper focused on HIV you do perhaps have HIV anxiety, which is pretty common.  If the nausea is continuing and you feel sick, go see your doctor.  
Hi, I’m pretty sure he’s not sick because he hasn’t complained about nausea. I am literally just nauseous but have not thrown up & it is extremely worrisome because it happened after sex. I really hope it is not some sort of std thing going on because I waited a year to have sex and that would be devastating.
No worries about stds either because as Mike said, the condom couldn't be broken. If a condom fails it is a large rip down the seam and it hangs in tatters and both know it because it is hard to take off. If you are sick consult your doc, but don't bother worrying about a sexual disease that can't happen.
Ok I will try to put my mind at ease. Thanks so much!
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For those interested in discussion regarding Covid 19, we do have a forum we've opened for that.  https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Coronavirus/show/2203
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