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Need Urgent Help.Extreme anxiety.

I had unprotected sex with an unknown female at the time on 14 dec 06:00 AM *almost one month ago,no ejaculation,not brief.The next day i couldn't eat anything and barely sleep.Neither the further two days *i think i slept 13 hours in three days.The next morning i ate something and drank some coffee.I had diarrhea for 4 days in the mornings and a feeling of vomiting *couldn't actually do it,acute malaise,tired.This mood continued for the next days and i started searching for my lymph nodes in the neck many times a day.They felt swollen some of them but for brief periods of time.*convinced myself i had aids in the mean time and started to feel an urge of urinating frequently*5 times a day.I contacted the girl and she told me she was fine and that she will never talk to me again,started harassing her.No fever,no headaches.Some red dots on my limbs slightly raised,slightly itchy.Feeling of confusion,dizziness.
Loss 3 kg in the first 4 days after the encounter,weird feeling of butterflies in stomach and then abdominal pain.18 days after exposure right inguinal lymph node swollen*suspect LGV.no swollen lymph node in my neck or armpit,no fever.slightly sore throat.Took some xanax,began eating a lot started laughing.
Crying,depression,suicidal thoughts after. Took some strepsils for my throat,no longer sore...
Today HIV 1,2 TEST *i think ELISA- time after exposure 28 days;result negative;scale 0-1 result 0,29.What does 0,29 mean why isn't it 0? or 0,01,etc
Sore throat again.The feeling of throwing up persists when i get anxious.Right now i feel fine...except for a weird feeling in my right inguinal lymph node.
Please help and sorry for my poor english skills.
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Test 3 months post exposure for a conclsuive result.

As for the number you will always get a number anything below 1.0 is negative. You had a .29 next time it could be .59 or .01 or .90...the number is meaningless unless over 1.0.
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Thanks Vance.I forgot to mention that i developed very soon after the encounter an obsession for std's especially hiv.
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Also I would like to ask...are mouth abcesses responsible for any std's?
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you cant diagnose hiv by symptoms.

as vance stated...3 months post exposure for a conclusive result.
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i was reffering to a small tooth abcess... how conclusive is a one month test?
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It's not conclusive at all. 3 months is conclusive.
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i think it's actually a dental fistula. :(
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the source of your dental concerns is irrelevant.  you had unprotected vaginal intercourse and can obtain a conclusive test result at 3 months post exposure.
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look mate you need to retest at 3 months, dont trawl the net lookin for answers, it will just feed your anxiety, believe me I know.  the early symptoms are down to your anxiety not hiv, retest 3 months then move on
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Thanks again to all of you.Would a 'quantitative' HIV test be useful?I really don't think i could hang on for another 2 months.This month has been the hardest of my life. I never did such a thing and never will...
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an antibody test at 6-8 weeks will give you a good indication of your status.  at 8 weeks it would be unlikely to change...but in order to get the conclusive result...test again at 3 months.
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I made yesterday analysis for syphilis *negative, chlamydia *negative,acute urethritis positive.is it possible to have chlamydia but not be detected by a culture from a urethral secretion?
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