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I am undergoing a state of confusion and stress due to an unfortunate thing I have done about four months back in Amsterdam. As per my job requirements, I am a globe trotter and happened to visit Amsterdam. I met a sex worker in the famous red light district of Amsterdam on 24th April 08. Though I had protected sex with her, I was scared if I am infected with AIDS. After I returned to India, I had undergone PCR DNA HIV 1& 2 test after 22 days i.e., on 15th May 08 (as suggested by a sexual medicine specialist here). The result was 'Negative'. I was very happy. It has been almost 4 months. I am right now experiencing muscle pain in the upper thigh portion  (and also sometimes in groin..but not regularly. It would not last long. )There is a slight burning sensation in the portion around anus, but I am able to go to stools with no pain at all. There was some bleeding for a day in the portion around anus but it was there only for a day. Apart from the above, I do not have any other symptoms. This has resulted me to undergo deep stress and thoughts about about the infection of AIDS. I am not able to concentrate on my job as a result of this.  I just have a few questions. Could you please provide your advices.
1) Was the PCR DNA HIV test after 22 days reliable?
2) If PCR DNA is not reliable, do you want me to undertake any other specific diagnostic HIV test now to be confirmed if I am infected with AIDS or not?
3) Going through the symptoms, do you feel that I am infected with any other sexual transmitted disease
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No he isnt he is saying that test is not reliable
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Thanks Teak, but one final question. Sorry for the innumerable questions I am posting you. I am not able to understand the solution you provided for question 3. Do you feel I might have got infected with any other sexual transmitted disease. Do symptoms appear for any STD afer 4 months anyone meets a sex worker?
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Thanks Teak
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1. NO
2. You didn't need to test, you were never at risk.
3. read question 2.
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