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Need clarification please

I was administered an HIV test 2 months after an exposure. The test measured HIV AG-AB BOIPLEX, HIV-1 AB BIOPLEX, HIV-1 AG BIOPLEX, and HIV-2 AB BOIPLEX. The results were non-reactive for all.

Is this test a 4th generation duo combo?

Am I still at risk for HIV with a negative result?

Also if I was exposed to unprotected oral on 01 Feb 2018, would it be necessary to have the same test administered as well?
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What was the exposure that you tested for?
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Was tested for exposure to HIV. That's why I was administered that test.

Was the test I was given based on my description a 4th gen duo test?
I meant did you have vaginal or anal unprotected penetrating sex.
Yes I had unprotected vaginal and received oral.
Oral is not a risk. You can call the manufacturer or the clinic to see if you were given a duo test because I don't know.
@AnxiousNoMore following up on your last comment:

If the HIV test measured antigens, antibodies, and p24, then it would be very safe to assume that it is a 4th generation test and has an accuracy rate of 95% after 28 days.

Does that sound accurate?
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