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Need help/advice/suggestions regarding HIV rapid tests

At age of 10-24 I had multi hetero and multi homo sexual contact with unknown HIV status people. Never tested at that time. Now I am married. After marriage on first month  I encountered many problems fatigue from past 5 month all the time fatigue. Now I am becoming  skinny weight loss. So I was doubting I have been infected with HIV and I did HIV various test in 2016-May till August:

1st  HIV spot test : Negative - after  1 month of exposure
2nd HIV rapid Antibody test  : Negative - after 2 month of exposure.
3rd HIV rapid Antibody test :  Negative -after  3 month of exposure.
4th HIV rapid Antibody test : Negative - after 6 month of exposure.
5th HIV ECLIA test : Negative- after 6 month of exposure.

So can I rely on the test assuming its correct because I was exposed long ago and I may now in Late stage or in AIDS. or should I need to go further ELISA or Western Blot tests.

So after having many sexual encounter.Its been more then 10 years of exposure do I have a HIV. I am not able to convince myself really frustrated and really its haunting me all the time cant work and cant sleep properly. I am becoming weaker daily.  Test says negative but still I am facing problems. Now I am getting fungal infection, bloating , becoming skinny, armpit rash burning, joints pain, recurrent low grade fever, sweating so really I searched a lot in internet all its saying I cannot have but this problem is similar to AIDS. I have no clue or some one to discuss .a reply would be appreciated and helping for me.
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Your testing proves conclusively that you don't have HIV.

Self diagnosis is inaccurate. Only a doctor can diagnose you to tell if your "symptoms" are really a problem or if they are just a result of over-analyzing your body in fear to the point your imagination gets the better of your reasoning.
You have no medical training, so are not capable of self diagnosing disease.
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Thank you AnxiousNoMore. But day by day I am getting weaker and my all clothes are getting loose. Just fee days back started rashes on my armpit and fatigue from 9 months is also there. I really took all test but negative. I feel hot in my foot and palm. Its really many infestations are there.and stools what ever I eat my stools are loose sticky and paste form. Now  days I lost appetite. I can stay for 2 days without food. Doesn't make me hungry at all so over all I look for information it takes me HIV/AIDS illness. I took a leave for a weak from job to get rid of all tensions. But days which I spent was horrible always fatigued and couldn't enjoy a day also. Pleas don't get mad. Just really fed up here
Kindly reread my post over and over until the full meaning of the first and last sentence is clear. Since you do not have HIV, you need to see your doctor for a diagnosis of what illness you have, instead of trying on your own to be a Google doctor fixated on HIV disease that you don't have.

No one can diagnose you from here, specially since you do not have HIV, so there is nothing more for me to say to you.
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