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Need some advice. experience. wisdom. PLEASE

on the first of sep. i had unprotceted oral and vaginal sex with a female. a few days after i noticed buring in the tip of my penis. about 4 weeks later lymph nodes in my neck began to swell. i took the hiv pcr dna test while the lymph nodes in my neck began to swell. a few days after the lymph nodes in my armpit and groin began to swell as well. they give a dull pain at time, but the ones in my groin hurt the most. i still occasionaly get the pain in my penis as well. also, i just developed a rash today on my chest 45 days after exposure. it was extremely itchy but only lasted for 30 min or so. in addition, since twop weeks ago i've been using the bathroom 2-3 times daily due to frequent bowl movement. no diharea. but before this incdident i would pooh once a day, which was healthy for me. i was tested for every std a week after exposure. what im worried about is hiv. i was tested at:
20 days by antibody-negative.
28 days by hiv-dna pcr with antibody- negative
40 days by antibody-negative

the girl i was with said she is negative as well. just don't believe her from what i'm experiencing. i'm a pretty healthy individual but i know something isn't right.

what should i be feeling now about my results and what other tests should i look into?
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also, ive experienced pain in my knees and muscles in my legs
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I think the HIV- dna Pcr with antibody is a good indicator of your status. But I think you should get tested after 3 months to be conclusive
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what could trigger these symtoms? i know ive been going trough a lot of stress but the stress came after the symtoms?
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First of all you will have to test after your 3 month window is up. For a conculsive result. Good news is your test results so far are a great indacation that your final test will be NEG. As for your symptoms ignor them most of the time anxiety over HIV plays a huge roll in symptoms. Thats why symptoms are very misleading.

So get tested after your 3 month window. And from now on always use condoms.
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Don't post to anyone's threads, your reply was incorrect. PCR-DNA tests are not approved to diagnose HIV.
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  It's only used in infants when born to known infected mothers. A newborn can throw false positive for 15-18 months after birth.
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PCR-DNA tests are very expensive and require a sophisticated lab set up, which is why they are not used for routine HIV screening. Until (if ever) the FDA approves it's use, I'd definitely follow up with an antibody test at the three month mark.
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Neither the Abbott RealTime nor the Roche COBAS AmpliPrep/COBAS TaqMan HIV-1 assay is intended to be used as a donor screening test for HIV-1 or as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HIV-1 infection.
Richard Klein
HIV/AIDS Program Director
Office of Special Health Issues
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That is scientific enough, the above letter is from the HIV director of the FDA. That is all you need and don't be hijacking other people threads for you to ask your questions.
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