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Hello! I am a 26 yo male and I had a low risk exposure with a woman I met online. My exposure was unprotected oral sex both ways and like 10 seconds of unprotected vaginal sex but then I put on a condom. This was 10 weeks ago. I took a duo test after 30 days which was negative and another duo after 8 1/2 weeks which also came back negative.
The reason I am posting this is that after my exposure I developed a skin condition (patches of dry skin) that could be dermatitis, folliculitis or maybe hen skin. I've noticed this after 4-6 weeks since my exposure and it hasn't heeled until now.
My questions are:
1. How reliable are my DUO tests?
2. If my skin condition was due to HIV wold my 8+ weeks test have picked it up?
3. Is skin condition one of the signs of early infection?

Thank you in adance!
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you didnt have a risk and didnt need to be tested either.if you have concerns about your skin go and see your doc.
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8 weeks test its an excellent indicator that its not a matter of hiv, check after week 12, expect no reactive results

infections could only be confirmed with tests,, forget about skin symptoms

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pls read carefully before answering

he had unprotected vaginal sex,, and thats a risk practise,, it spite to be 10 seconds
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Thanks guys, but I still don't know the answers of my questions.

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sorry for my mistake.test after 3months would be conclusive although most of the infected people will be positive after 8 weeks.have a test at three months and expect it to be negative.
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1. How reliable are my DUO tests? - HIV DUO Tests like all other tests will give a conclusive negative result at 3 months.  Your 8 week test is a very good indicator and highly unlikely to change at 3 months.

2. If my skin condition was due to HIV wold my 8+ weeks test have picked it up? Most likely, Anxiety causes skin symptoms. I would not worry about your skin symptoms

3. Is skin condition one of the signs of early infection? NO

Hope this helps

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Thanks guys!
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After some more reading around here something made me wonder. If my skin condition would have been due hiv it would have healed in max 2 weeks, right? The fact that it's still there after more than 3 weeks its an evidence that something else is causing it. Am I right?
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Nobody experinced here to tell me if I'm right or no?
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We do not discuss symptoms on this site because they are not a good means of identifying infection. Your skin symptoms are unlikely due to HIV. Also your 8 week test is very unlikely to change at 3 months. I wouldn't worry about it being related to HIV at all.

Get your 3 month test and put this behind you for good.

Hope this helps
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Thanks Nick!
On this forum you always say that symptoms don't last more than 2 weeks, so I was wondering if this is true for every symptom.
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It's been 4 weeks since I've noticed that thing on my arms and hasn't healed at all. I'm really scared. Also I had some recurent canker sores lately. Is it possible to be hiv related thow it's been more than 2 weeks since they appeared and didn't heal by their own?
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Dude, don't worry too much about symptoms. Symptoms are very poor indicators of HIV and more often they just cause anxiety.
Trust your tests not symptoms.
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I know that symptoms are not a good indicator. All I wanted to know is that if it's possible to last 4 weeks in case they are hiv related. Why isn't a duo test after more than 8 weeks enough evidence?
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Can anyone answer my last question please?
Thank you!
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ars will come on all at once and are gone in a week to two weeks.You wont get one symptom on day and then one another and you don't get them months after an exposure. Again, there are no specific symptoms on HIV. A test is the only way to know your status
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your "skin condition" is NOT hiv related.
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Thanks for your answers.
I went to the doctor who told me that I have some kind of follicular ecsema. She said it's a kind of reaction that you get when you have some infection somewere in the body. It's more like an allergy.
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