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Needle prick risk

Hi i had a needles prick seven months ago to test for diabetes
and the needle ( lance ) was not changed im sure
We talked about something for 2 min I don’t want to prolong what is risk
Please because i care about my wife and my kids
Thx all
im waiting
And im sorry for my language English
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Your situation involves personal contact with an object in air  ( lancet which is not a risk for hiv.) No worries, because you can't get hiv from personal contact except unprotected penetrating vaginal or anal, neither of which you did and you didn't share hollow needles to inject with which is the only other way to acquire hiv. Analysis of large numbers of infected people over the 40 years of hiv history has proven that people don't get hiv in the way you are worried is a risk.
HIV is a fragile virus in air or saliva and is effectively instantly dead in either air or saliva so the worst that could happen is dead virus rubbed you, and obviously anything which is dead cannot live again so you are good. Blood and cuts would not be relevant in your situation since the hiv has become effectively dead, so you don't have to worry about them to be sure that you are safe.
Lancet is not hollow so not a risk.
Does that mean
I am fine and free from hiv?
thank you very much
My prayers to you are fine
Thx brother
Yes it means you are fine.
Thax brother
My prayers for you all the best and good life
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This is not a risk for HIV!  As anxious said, the only ways adults get HIV is from having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  Touching things doesn't result in HIV as air is present which inactivates the virus.  Needles that are concerning are injectable needles and not lancets which is a needle poke.  The end of a lancet is exposed to air.  No risk.
Thank you very much
My prayers for you in all good and good health
I feel comfortable now because I fear for my wife and children
Four or five years ago I made a relationship and I thank God the results were negative so I was always worried

Please accept me as your brother
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For information only ,,, mention only not for doubting ,,, has a case of HIV infection from Lancet Irbid been recorded, because I trust you, thank you everyone and understanding
No, as stated this is not how you get HIV.  You have to let it go.  Your answer won't change from us.  
Thx to much
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