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Needle used for Splinter Removal

I had a splinter in my hand I got at work from unloading/loading equipment off a transfer truck last week.  I work for a technical college, and our nursing department at one time gave us one of there needles (unopened,never used with blood) to clean out splinters.  That needle was in my desk for a long time untouched but open.  I used it to try to dig out the splinter.  I never penetrated down far enough to get blood.  I might be paranoid about this, but could that cause anything like Hep or HIV?

The reason I am asking is this. As of late, I have been suffering from night sweats and some soreness in my arms and legs and also I am tired now.  The soreness I can almost explain from moving a pallet jack around a truck loaded with equipment and my muscles are soar.  The tiredness could be contributed to the same and I am just burned out, but the night sweats are what gets me. After reading symptoms of HIV, night sweats kept showing up so I guess that is what got me paranoid.Can HIV spread that fast in a week even?  Maybe I am very paranoid.

I am male 38, 190lbs, 5'10

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