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Negative All Around But...


I had a brief encounter with a sexual partner 7 weeks ago. It was unprotected and, unfortunately, I believed it when he said that he was STD/STI free. I ended up getting Chlamydia from him which was not fun to say the least.

I've checked in with him numerous times and he has assured me that he has since been tested and that all tests -- aside from Chlamydia -- came out negative.

I'm still (obvously) concerned and feeling nervous about the whole thing.

To the point: I took a HIV RNA TMA QL test, 9 days and a ~10 hours after my potential exposure. It came out negative.

After this point, I have taken various additional HIV tests: 2 Oraquick tests (one in late December at 4 weeks, another at 5 weeks) and one rapid antibody blood test at my 6 week mark. All were negative.

I also just went into the doctors to get a second HIV RNA test. This would be 7 full weeks after my potential exposure. I know it's overkill but, as I'm sure we all know, these things can be anxiety inducing!

My questions are:

1) How likely is it for antibodies to be present 6 weeks after the potential exposure?

2) That initial HIV RNA test, I know that it tests for the virus itself -- within someone's DNA. Last time I asked this question, I didn't get much resolve BUT: what is the percentage/rate of this result's accuracy?

3) If my 2nd HIV RNA test comes out negative (this would be 7 weeks after potential exposure) how reliable will that result be?

I'm thinking that it's negative because my partner swears he is (I'm giving him the benefit of a doubt) BUT more importantly, I don't have any of the symptoms that are common with seroconversion.

Additionally, I looked up to see if any of the antibiotic foods or medications I had to take would have an effect on the results of any HIV test and have found that they do NOT. I also asked my OBGYN and she confirmed this fact with me.

What do you all think? What do the stats look like?
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All you have said ((about the tests)) STRONGLY indicates that you are negative.

Stay calm and get tested at 3 months post exposure for a conclusive result.
Expect a negative.
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