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Negative after 5 weeks... sore throat

Hello all.  First of all, I appreciate the community and help when I can... Right now, I'd like some input:

I am a male who received unprotected oral from a female stripper 50 days ago, or 7 weeks one day ago.

I live and was tested in N. America and was tested for the chlamitia, gonnorea, syphilis, herpesand had an ELISA HIV test 38 days, or 5 weeks 3 days from the incident. All came back negative.

The tests came back all negative, the doctor said it's plenty of time to test for HIV and I'm clean.  No need to retest.

I read a few places that the modern tests are conclusive to like 99% after 34 days, but every other place says longer.  

I've heard many times that my interaction was "low risk"  meaning "some risk"/  I have had a sore throat for most of the time since then.  tested positive for strep 2 weeks ago, but the meds haven't helped my throat.  It doesn't really scratch, just a bit uncomfortable to swallow.  I've read it's tell tale for HIV...

What is the community's thought?

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There is no risk in contracting HIV from receiving a blowjob.
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I've been on for a few months and realize that you are MUCH more knowledgeable than I, that being said, respectfully, I have read that it is in fact possible.   I had a rash that went away after a few weeks...  doctors said hydrochortizone may work. After a few weeks it went away.  I shave, perhaps that left a cut for entry...  Perhaps she was bleeding and I didn't see it.  What about the persistant sore throat?  Please respect my ignorance and thank you for your knowledge and contributions!
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No risk...trust the test and let it go
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For clarification, the five week mark is PROOF that I'm not infected with HIV??
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u have no risk...if u still want to leave peacefully ...though u sud...u can still have a test at 3 months...but ur fine mate..cool
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Isn't the persistant sore throat that won't go away an indicator?

How long before I can take an HIV test that is conclusive?  I've seen SO many different standards.  One place I've read that five weeks is ok, others say six months.

I even posted here last night, WITHOUT mentioning my "incident" to the family doctor who said, "Strep is certainly possible, and the azithromycin is an appropriate antibiotic for this.   If there is a pharyngeal abscess, this would need to be drained as antibiotics would not be effective. As for other causes, mononucleosis is certainly possible, and should be tested via blood tests.  I would also consider an HIV test."
This sore throat that won't go away, coming on shortly after my "incident" leaves me with concern.  

Any thoughts?
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No, persistant sore throat is not an indicator? 3 months is when you can get a conclusive result. You were never at risk so whatever is going on with you has nothing to do with HIV. You do not need an HIV test.
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Thank you so much for your input Teak.  

It was a $15 question and Dr. Pho's (from MedHelp) response to my symptoms that made me rethink that HIV was a possibility that I may be at risk.  Looking at a lot of his other replies, he seems to think that most people should "consider a HIV testing."

I read the stats and that I an very unlikely to aquire HIV from my interaction.  I just keep wondering if I am that there is a 1 in 20,000 that it could happen, but there is always a chance of being that person.    

I beleive that in your expertise and wish that you could benefit financially from the help that you provide to the users of this board.    Any further comments are appreciated.
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Just forget about HIV, your test shows that you don't have it.  Strep causes sore throat, so just deal with that.  You don't have any STDs.
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You can't get HIV from the incidence that you've mentioned here, see a doc and figure out the cause of your discomforts, HIV is not your problem.
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I have read in areas off of this board that it is in fact possible, though highly unlikely.  

I read that it could enter through the uretha or other abraisions, perhaps from shaving.  

Thank you for the reassurance for those that responded.

TEAK: 3 months, is that 3 months from the date: Say July 10...  October 10?  Or is it 12 weeks?
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you are gonig to continue to beat yourself up over this until you get your official negtive. I had a similiar situation and I stressed over it for 3 + months.it may be theoretically possible, but it is not "logically" possible. You will not listen to what I am saying or what Teak is saying, but let me tell you this "I wasted 3 months of my life, of my life." i worried just like you, i told my wife, i worried about every little detail. The day i got my results they were (negative), my wife also got her results the same day (positive) for pregnancy. She was two months pregnant with twins. that was the day i decided I will never waste my life over something like that. don't waste your time worrying. if you want a conclusive result wait for 3 months, but you already got your conclusive (you received a BJ and you had a negative 5 week).
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